Brockton MA Service CenterHave you felt your car pulling to the side as you come to a stop? On one hand, you may want to write this problem off as a result of poor road conditions. On the other hand, there’s likely a voice in the back of your mind reminding you of the danger. Drifting and pulling can be symptomatic of a more substantial issue for Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton drivers. Our team at Collision 24 has put together this article to help you identify them. If you need repair, schedule service here.

  1. Your Wheels Aren’t Aligned.

Wheel alignment is one of the more common types of vehicle maintenance. Though you may not be aware, it should be done roughly every two years or so. Neglecting it may cause some serious underbody issues. If your steering wheel isn’t aligned with your tires, your car will quickly start to pull to one side when coming to a stop. You may also start to feel some vibrations in your steering wheel, as well.

  1. Your Tires Aren’t Properly Inflated.

You’re probably aware that driving on improperly inflated tires can cause them a lot of damage. They’ll inevitably wear far quicker if they don’t have enough air in them. Likewise, too much air can be just as damaging. However, this can also cause your car to drift off to one side. If one or two tires are less inflated than others, your car will drive crookedly.

  1. The Brake System Needs Work.

If your car only seems to be pulling when you’re coming to a stop, then the problem may lie within the brake system. Worn brakes will stick as you come to a stop, which may throw your car off balance a bit. Issues with hydraulics and sticky calipers and cylinders have also been known to contribute to pulling and drifting.

  1. The Roads Are Getting Rough.

Did you know that roads are naturally angled towards the shoulder? This is to ensure that water runs off the pavement and out of your vehicle’s path. So, naturally, you might drift off to one side. However, rough roads—as in those dotted with holes and rocks—can cause serious underbody wear. Eventually, this damage can bend or twist the frame enough that your car starts to pull.

  1. Your Power Assist Isn’t Right.

Part of your power assist is the memory steer function. Though you may not know what this is, you’veSchedule Auto Service Brockton MA seen it in action hundreds of times. It’s when your steering wheel automatically slides back to the center after a turn. When your memory steering goes, it indicates a big problem with the power assist. Ultimately, that’s going to end up affecting how straight your car can drive, causing it to drift to one side. Does Your Car Keep Drifting & Pulling? You may not have even realized that there could be so many different causes of drifting and pulling in a vehicle. However, this is a common problem, and one that could leave to even bigger issues, if neglected. When Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton drivers notice their car pulling, they can call Collision 24 right away for more information.