Accidents can happen to anyone. From Stoughton to Brockton to Randolph to everywhere else in the world, accidents are prevalent and sometimes unavoidable. And while it can be extremely stressful, there are ways to help make the aftermath just a little easier. At Collision 24, we strive to help our customers stay safe on the road. So below, we’ve listed just a few tips to follow if you’ve just gone through an accident.

Make sure your passengers are okay. Minor and major accidents can still do damage to those in your vehicle. The first thing you need to do is ensure that your passengers are safe, and that no one is hurt.

Turn on hazard lights. Once you’ve made sure your passengers are okay, turn on your hazard lights or fire up some flares. Doing this helps warn other drivers on the road of the situation keeping them aware to slow down when passing you.

Report the accident. It’s important to call the police or dial 911 to report the accident. If you or any of your passengers are hurt due to the accident, dispatchers will send the appropriate people out to the site whether it’s the police or an ambulance or a tow truck.

Assess the damage. If the accident is minor enough where you are not harmed, step outside and access the damage of your vehicle and take pictures. Documenting the scene will later help you with insurance.

Stay calm. Accidents can be traumatic and stressful no matter how minor that can be. It’s very important to stay calm through the immediate aftermath to help you keep control of the situation. Plus, staying calm will help you keep your thoughts together for the accident report.

Take your vehicle to Collision 24. Those involved in accidents in Brockton, Stoughton, or Randolph should take their vehicle straight to Collision 24, or call us to have a tow truck bring it in to our facilities. Collision 24 is a direct repair facility that works with your insurance company as a preferred shop. We specialize in repairs of all makes and models and features the technologies needed to get you and your vehicle back on the road.

Accidents in Stoughton, Brockton, and Randolph, happen more than drivers would like to think. So it’s best to be prepared. Keep a first aid kit inside the car to help you or your passengers if you are hurt following an accident. Also, to help avoid accidents, it’s always a good idea to drive carefully and practice good driving habits.

Collision 24 is here for those who have experienced the traumas of an accident. From a 24 hour towing service and the technologies in our advanced facilities, we can help you get through the aftermath of an accident and help you and your car get back on the road.

If you’ve recently been in an accident and need repairs performed for your vehicle, stop by Collision 24, to have our technicians assess the damage today.