After years spent traveling throughout the Brockton, MA, area, you’ve experienced all sorts of adventures. However, so has your vehicle, and while you’d love to keep these memories, your car might not always feel the same.

Well, thanks to the professional team here at Collision 24, you can have the memories without the mess! Our auto repair services near Brockton, MA, can tackle all sorts of automotive maintenance, including detailing, wheel repair, and more.

Learn all about the services we offer by continuing on to the sections below!

Interior Car Detailing

Are the tiny grains of sand stuck between the crevices of your car an unnecessary reminder of that weekend road trip you took to the Cape?

Without the right tools, small dirt and debris—such as coarse sand—can be tricky to remove. Luckily, our auto repair center can assist. We’ll shampoo and vacuum your vehicle’s carpets, ensuring every grain of sand is swept away.

If your freshly suntanned back left behind some discoloration on your cloth seats, we’ll take care of that too! In fact, we can treat both cloth and leather seating by lifting up stains.

We don’t forget the little things, either. Smaller spaces, such as the center console or rear air vents are favorite hiding spots for dust particles, so we’ll be sure to thoroughly remove them.

Exterior Car Detailing & Repair

collision repairOne of the notable benefits of living in Brockton, MA, is the ability to experience all four seasons. Here’s the thing, though; you’re not the only one experiencing them.

That’s right! Your car, too, can be affected by the elements. Maybe a heavy piece of fallen snow from a nearby tree put a slight dent in your vehicle’s paint. In that case, our team will work to remove it through paintless dent repair.

How does paintless dent repairing work? Our technicians will start by performing a thorough inspection of the damage, so they can find the best solution for your car’s specific needs. From there, they’ll work to remove said dent. Smaller spots can be removed by one of our mechanics, while larger areas which affect the frame will be erased using our computerized frame repair system.

Wheel, Bumper & Glass Repairs

Now that we’ve covered our basic detailing practices, let’s go over some more individualized repair procedures, like wheel repair, for example.

Sometimes, accidents happen. Whether your tire is bent out of shape from an April shower pothole, or your bumper got damaged from the crazy back-to-school carpool lane, just bring your ride to us. We can perform a wheel alignment to get those tires back in shape or remove rust from the rim caused by sudden stopping.

Speaking of wheels, if you’re ever in a sticky situation, our Brockton, MA, area auto repair shop offers 24-hour towing. No matter the time of day, just give us a call and we’ll give you—and your ride—a lift back to our dealership.

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