Collision Repair Boston MA

The capital city of Boston, MA, is full of fun and discovery. However, these excursions can often leave your vehicle in need of some TLC. Get your ride back in shape and ready for your next adventure with the body shop services provided here at Collision 24!

Our body repair shop servicing Boston, MA, is the ultimate stop for all your vehicle maintenance and repair needs. With expert mechanics and specialized equipment, we’ll get you back on the roads in no time at all.

Learn all about our repair services by reading on!

Collision Repair

Body Shop near Boston MABring your vehicle into our body shop for repairs, and you can be certain your ride will be in good hands. Our crew of professionally trained automotive technicians is well-versed in all types of repair procedures and will diligently work to get the job done.

Regardless of the repair concern, we’ve got you covered! We perform many services, such as:

Bumper Repair: Bumpers play a crucial role in aiding your vehicle in the event of a collision. While the rest of your ride may have been protected, your car’s bumpers could end up with a few scrapes or dents. Our team will assess the bumper’s damage and respond accordingly, either by reshaping or smoothing over damaged areas.

Wheel Repair: Damaged wheels not only cause handling issues on the road, but they can also lessen the lifespan of the vehicle. Ensure your vehicle’s wheels are in pristine condition by having our team take a look. They’ll either reshape the wheels or refinish the rims, depending on the diagnosis.

Exterior Car Detailing

The more time you’ve spent behind the wheel, the more memories you’ve made. However, all those adventures also increase the amount of dirt or debris that’s accumulated on the outside and inside of your car. Luckily, that’s where we come into play. Our team has the tools and skills to have your travel companion looking as good as new.

For instance, if Boston’s wintery weather has left some small dents on the hood, we’ll remove them. In fact, we may not even need to repaint the area. Using a tactical repair strategy, tiny dents and scruffs will be wiped clean—no paint needed.

Interior Car Detailing

Boston MA Collision Repair ServicesMoving inside, our team will get to work clearing your cabin of sand, paw prints, coffee spills, and the like. We begin by wiping the windows, dashboard, and center console of dust.

Once all of those surfaces have been addressed, our crew will start to treat your upholstery and carpeting. Leather and cloth surfaces will be specially treated, followed by a shampooing and vacuuming of your carpets. Saving the carpets for last ensures no dirt or dust from the previous steps will interfere with the cleaning process.

How often should you schedule interior detailing? While it depends on your driving habits and personal preferences, most folks like to make an appointment every six months or so.

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