technician questionsIf you’re not a self-proclaimed auto guru or motorhead, finding the right collision repair shop for your vehicle in Stoughton, Randolph or Brockton can be intimidating. What should you ask your body shop technician in your search for trustworthy service?

Body Shop Question #1: Does the Shop have Experience with Your Car’s Make and Model?

This one is fairly straightforward. While there are many facilities that specialize in just a handful of vehicle brands, you want to make sure that the body shop you’re checking out is familiar with working on your car type and year. A repertoire of heightened knowledge within your vehicle’s category means that the shop is more likely to be equipped with the expertise to do what’s best for your car.

Body Shop Question #2: Is the Facility Outfitted with Modern Equipment?

Many modern car repairs require state-of-the-art equipment to get fixes done right. When you visit your potential body shop, you’ll get to see its interior space and vehicles mid-repair. Look around — does the shop operate within a tidy and well-structured space? Are auto technicians trained to use the modern equipment? Which leads us to our next question…

Body Shop Question #3: Is Your Technician Certified in Automotive Repair?

This question may seem a little silly, but when looking for a collision repair shop you can trust, it’s absolutely valid. Many body shops have certifications displayed in their facility that are easy to spot. You can also talk to your technician and gauge his or her level of enthusiasm on the job. Asking a question like, ‘How did you get interested in auto repair?’ should do the trick.

Body Shop Question #4: Can Your Technician Provide a Walk-Through of Services?

On your body shop evaluation visit, ask your technician to explain a process that’s going on with a car in the shop. Since you’ll be bringing your car in for more involved repairs, you want to know the shop can handle your car’s quirks and provide you with expert advice. A good auto tech will strive to make sure that you fully understand the steps associated with a repair.

Body Shop Question #5: What Car Parts Does the Shop Generally Use?

The answer to this question should be that you have options that depend upon what part needs replacing. Many times repair facilities will have access to original manufacturer parts as well as used OEM parts sold at a cheaper rate. It’s good to have options that will fit into your budget, and an auto shop that is willing to get you the best price for the best value is one you want to stick with.

Bonus Rhetorical Question: Does the Staff Care About Customer Service?

5 Questions to Ask Your Body Shop TechnicianYou should get a vibe of professionalism from the facility that you’re considering and feel as though your auto technician and the shop staff members that you interact with are outgoing, sincere and willing to answer any question you have.

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