Brake Repair near Randolph MA

Looking for brake repair near Randolph, MA? Whether you need new brake pads, new brake rotors, or even require another type of brake repair, we’ll be able to assist here at Collision 24. With our state-of-the-art body shop and expert-level service team, we’ll be able to handle all your brake repair needs with care.

Ready to learn more about how we can help you and your vehicle’s braking system? Read on!

How Do Brakes Work?

How Do Brakes Work?Obviously, your brakes are responsible for allowing you to slow down and stop as you drive. What actually allows your vehicle to slow when you press the pedal, though? Well, there’s a complex system of components at work in your braking system, each of which plays an important role in your ability to slow down and stop.

When you press the pedal, it sends pressure through your brake lines. This pressure will travel to your brake calipers. Here, the pressure will be used to press your brake pads against your brake rotors, creating the friction necessary within your wheels to slow and stop the vehicle.

All these components are critical to the integrity of your braking system, so it’s quite important that everything is working at optimum level.

Do I Need Brake Repair?

Do I Need Brake Repair?So, do you need brake repair? Well, without an inspection it’s hard to say. Typically, though, your car will give you some indicators that tell you it’s time for brake service. For example, if you start to experience a burning smell as you drive, or your brake pedal feels squishy when you press it, or your vehicle pulls to either side when you brake, it can signal that brake repair is needed.

When you do need brake repair, odds are your pads or rotors will need attention. These are the two parts that endure the most wear and tear, and thus require the most frequent attention. Usually, your pads will need replacement every 20,000 miles, and your rotors will need replacement every 40,000 to 50,000 miles.


Repairing Your Brakes

Repairing Your BrakesWhether it’s your pads, rotors, or another braking component that needs repair, we’ll be happy to help here at our shop. When you set up an appointment and bring your vehicle in, our trained technicians will get down to work. We’ll get under the hood, check out the braking system and pinpoint which area needs attention.

All our team members are well versed with the ins and outs of brake repair, so you can expect that your vehicle is in great hands when it enters our facility.



Schedule Brake Repair near Randolph MA

Think you need to schedule brake repair near Randolph, Massachusetts? Just contact our team here at Collision 24 to schedule an appointment. We’ll get you set up for an appointment. Have questions in the meantime? We’ll also be happy to help!

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