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When it’s time to bring your vehicle in for detailed repairs, you’ll want to bring it to a place you can trust. A place with professionally trained technicians on your side. A place like Collision 24.

We take great pride in getting folks around Brockton, MA, back on the road safely through our expert collision repair and detail services. To lean more about our car detail near Brockton, MA, and how we can be there for you, continue reading the sections below.

Car Detailing Specialists

Our collision center holds a certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), and specializes in pristine paint jobs and full car restoration. Through both interior and exterior car detailing, you can trust our technicians to get your vehicle looking like new again.

Below, we’ll go over these two detailing services, including the specific ways our technicians handle these procedures.

Interior Car Detailing

No matter how cautious you are in keeping the interior of your vehicle clean, it is still susceptible to debris, mud, and various other dirt and grime buildup. One of the best ways to give your car a deep cleaning is through interior car detailing.

Certain parts of the cabin—like leather and wood trim—require special care. Our team is experienced in handling these materials and knows how to properly treat each surface.

Here’s how it works: To restore the beauty of the interior cabin, our technicians will use various cleaning and conditioning processes removing dust, crumbs, and other buildup. From the dashboard to the floor mats, we’ll clean it all.

We recommend getting your car’s interior detailed every four to six months, or once a season.

Exterior Car Detailing

If you live in the Brockton, MA, area, you’re no stranger to the elements of mother nature. Whether in the form of snow, sleet, or rain, these weather conditions can often cause damage to the exterior of your vehicle. Luckily, our exterior car detailing is here to save the day.

Our services stretch far beyond washing and waxing. While those procedures can help, they can still leave marks behind. Our experienced technicians will not only clean the outside of your vehicle, but use specialized equipment to remove pop dents, scruffs, scratches and more.

Furthermore, they can even make an exact match to your cars paint color and sheen to create a seamlessly blended result.

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Are you ready to make an appointment for car detailing near Brockton, MA? If so, head over to our online scheduling tool, located right here on our website. From there, you’ll be able to request the type of service needed and choose the date and time for your visit.

From all of us here at Collision 24, we look forward to assisting you!