At Collision 24 serving Brockton, Stoughton and Randolph, we realize that trying to pick up all the pieces after a car crash or collision can simultaneously put a strain on your emotions and your wallet. Our body shop that specializes in comprehensive and quick collision repair is located just 15 miles south of Weymouth, MA, with a history of helping vehicles recover after serious accidents.

collision repair near weymouth, maHere are some tips to help you find a repair center that can handle your vehicle’s necessary collision repair needs.

Read up on Reviews

Finding a reputable collision repair center has gotten easier over the years with the increase in online customer reviews. It’s important to find your preferred repair center before a breakdown or collision occurs so you’re not panicked to make an immediate decision. If you’re looking for a local collision service center, do some internet research and ask your friends, family or coworkers where they’ve take their vehicle for repair.

Check for Convenience

Be sure that the service center you’re considering offers the type of convenience you’re looking for. Some repair facilities are open extended hours or on weekends to work with your schedule and have rental vehicles available so you don’t go without wheels while your car is in the shop.

Scope out the Facility

Finding a repair facility that specializes in collision repair and services all car makes and models is key when you’re looking to have your car fixed after a serious collision. By visiting the repair center and speaking with auto technicians, you’ll get an idea of whether or not the service center is right for you and your needs. A facility staff member should walk you through some of the maintenance procedures step by step, as well as the associated cost for repairs.

Come with Questions

In the midst of the chaotic aftermath of a car accident, all you want is excellent, local service that offers the repairs your car needs at a reasonable price. Consider asking the following questions while in search of a prospective repair center: Does the facility have experience with the make and model of your car? Does the repair shop offer convenience options for customers? Will they work with your insurance company to sort out what’s covered and what’s not?

Collision 24’s Services for Your Peace of Mind

Collision Repair Weymouth, MACollision 24’s sophisticated, state of the art facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology like computerized frame repair and computerized paint matching systems that help certified collision specialists execute exceptional collision repair time and time again. Our highly-knowledgeable auto experts have extensive experience in solving complex collision damage across many different types of vehicles.

With flexible service hours, 24/7 towing, and rental vehicles on site, those seeking collision repair near Weymouth can count on the experts at Collision 24 to be their rock in the aftermath of a car accident, collision, or breakdown.

For high-quality, timely service from collision experts you can trust in Randolph, Brockton and Stoughton, schedule an appointment with Collision 24 today!