When you’re ready to purchase a new vehicle, it’s essential to figure out how much your current vehicle is worth, regardless of whether you’ll trade in your current vehicle or conduct a private sale on your own. This way you know you’re getting the best value for what you currently own.

It’s important to find a reliable place to get your car appraised so you know you’re getting an accurate figure and because car insurance companies accept appraisals only from those who are licensed and approved to do them.

The tips listed below will help you find the right appraiser around the Brockton, Randolph, or Stoughton areas.

Choosing Your Appraiser

It’s crucial to choose an auto appraiser with plenty of experience and who has been in the business for a while. Because this person will be preparing a legal document that will be passed onto your insurance company, you want to make sure you trust the person and respect his or her opinion regarding your current vehicle.

When you’re looking into hiring an appraiser, make sure the appraiser has at least five years of experience. This means the appraiser has had plenty of time to learn the business and also has a track record of appraisals. Before having an appraiser inspect your car, ask for his or her resume. If the appraiser has fewer than five years of experience, you should look for another appraiser.

Find out when and by who the appraiser was certified. You want to make sure the appraiser received certification through a reputable organization.

The Report

The auto appraiser will conduct a thorough inspection of your current vehicle and document its condition, taking photos of the exterior and interior, engine, and manufacturer’s VIN number. Only by doing this will the appraiser’s report be considered professional.

It’s also important to make sure the appraiser is aware of any upgrades or special features you added while you owned the vehicle. You can photocopy invoices or work orders that detail what you did to the car and give them to the appraiser.

Once the car appraisal report is complete, the appraiser will give you a copy and also deliver a copy to your insurance company on your behalf. This way both you and your insurance company will have the information for your records.

If you’re looking to have your car appraised near Brockton, Randolph, or Stoughton, there are many trustworthy places with reliable professionals you can count on for an accurate appraisal.

Make sure to visit a qualified, certified appraiser when you’re thinking about selling or trading in your vehicle. You may also want to discuss the appraisal with a trusted professional from a dealership that you’re shopping at for a new vehicle. Collision 24 has licensed appraisers on-site at all times. Our trusted professionals can provide an accurate estimate for your car or truck that you can count on.

If you’re located around Brockton, Randolph or Stoughton, come into Collision 24 to browse our large selection of new and used vehicles.