Part of the joy of owning a fine vehicle is the smooth feeling of rolling down the road as the car accelerates. When the acceleration is sluggish or jerky, that joy is no longer there.

Transmission fluid is vital for keeping your car’s gears running smoothly. On occasion, you need to flush the transmission to remove any particulates built up in the fluid.

Many manufacturers recommend changing the transmission’s fluid regularly, usually every two years or every 30,000 miles. It is important to check your owner’s manual and follow all service recommendations. Even if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations closely, there may be times when you need to have this transmission flush done more often.

Here are five signs that you need to get your vehicle’s transmission flushed.

  1. When your transmission starts making strange noises – When the gears within the transmission do not have enough fluid flowing around and between them, they will start grinding against each other. That is the most likely source of those strange noises coming from beneath the vehicle. The first thing to do is to check the transmission fluid. Make sure the fluid is at recommended levels. Check the fluid’s color. It should be red. If it is brown or black, you need a transmission fluid flush immediately.
  2. When you are having problems getting the car into gear – When transmission fluid gets contaminated, the dirt and debris can start interfering with the transmission’s gears. In a manual transmission, it can be difficult for the driver to shift between gears. With an automatic transmission, you may feel the car struggle for a second or so before the gears engage properly.
  3. When you have gears starting to slip – Your transmission uses a series of internal clutches to transmit and regulate power from the engine into the wheels. Dirt and debris in the transmission fluid can cause these internal clutches to slip. You may feel the engine accelerating but the car is not moving forward any faster. You may or may not hear noises coming from the transmission when this happens. Having the transmission flushed may fix this issue.
  4. When your vehicle starts surging forward unexpectedly – The transmission needs a steady flow of transmission fluid at a steady pressure to work properly. When the fluid gets contaminated, it can cause the flow of the fluid to be erratic. When the fluid slows down, then suddenly speeds up, it can cause the transmission to send a sudden burst of power through the axles to the wheels. This is a sign that you need someone to flush the fluid in the transmission to remove the dirt build-up.
  5. When your vehicle starts having delays when you put it in gear – If the transmission fluid is contaminated, it can take a second or two for your car to move from one gear to another. For the driver and car occupants, this translates to a delay in movement. A transmission fluid flush can clear up this problem.

Each of these signs can also indicate a more serious transmission problem. Have a qualified mechanic check the transmission for any problems. If the mechanic finds no other issues, a transmission flush may clear up the problem.

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