Car Frame

One of the most important parts of your vehicle is its supporting structure. If your vehicle’s frame has been damaged in a collision, you can schedule computerized frame repair near Boston, Massachusetts, with our expert team.

At Collision 24, we provide collision repair services using advanced technology and effective techniques. You can learn more about this type of repair and our commitment to customer service below!

What Is Computerized Frame Repair?

Car FrameThe frame of your vehicle is its main supporting structure. Also known as a chassis, the frame supports all the mechanical components of your vehicle as well as its overall shape. If you’ve recently been in a collision, the frame may have damage that’s either visible or internal.

Our computerized frame repair is an advanced technology that allows us to repair the vehicle frame to the manufacturer’s specifications. It can service any make or model by carefully assessing, measuring, and repairing the frame as needed.

With advanced techniques, such as our computerized frame repairs, we can efficiently mend your vehicle to ensure it can safely return to the road.

Expert Collision Repairs at Our Body Shop

Tire repairThe collision technicians at our body shop are highly trained and have experience servicing several different types of automobiles. Whether your car has severe or minor damage, we’ll thoroughly inspect it to perform the right repairs.

Along with computerized frame repairs, our technicians can handle any collision repairs your vehicle needs, such as:

After completing your repairs, we can perform car detailing services to help it look like it did when you first purchased it. Our exterior and interior detailing services are an excellent way to restore your vehicle and help it retain its shine.

Our Commitment to Customer Service 

TowingThe aftermath of a collision can be overwhelming for many drivers. To help you receive the support you need as you navigate the repair process, our body shop offers 24-hour towing and rental car services.

24-hour towing allows us to ensure your vehicle is safely transported to our body shop. Your car may not be safe to drive after a collision, especially if there’s major damage to the frame. Our mechanics can come to you and quickly determine if your car is drivable. If it’s not, we’ll tow it to us for repairs.

Additionally, we can help you rent a car while we work on yours. For most people, a reliable set of wheels is essential to their daily schedule. Our rental cars can keep up with you while we help your car look like new. Let our team know if you have a specific make or model in mind, and we’ll find a match.

Schedule Computerized Frame Repair near Boston MA 

The vehicle chassis keeps its structure and ensures all components are in place. If you’re looking for computerized frame repair near Boston, MA, the experts at Collision 24 are here to help.

Schedule repairs with us today using our online scheduler!