Your car’s frame is its skeleton, as it holds everything together. If it suffers damage, even if it’s minor, you’ll want to act quickly. These days, frame repair has become computerized, which aids in having it restored to factory standards.

If you’re looking for expert computerized frame repair near Taunton, MA, count on the team at Collision 24 to get the job done!

What Is Computerized Frame Repair? 

Car Frame DamageFrame repair is the process of restoring the car’s frame to factory standards. Frame damage usually occurs when a vehicle is involved in a collision. When a car’s frame is undergoing repairs, a computerized machine will pull the frame and restore it to its original specifications. Computerized frame machines are also advantageous because they can assist in accurately assessing damage.

If your car’s frame is damaged, frame repair is the first service performed because all other autobody repairs rely on a properly working frame.

How to Spot Frame Damage

Determining if your car has frame damage can be done quickly. You’ll be able to see the frame from underneath the vehicle, so it’s recommended that you slide underneath and see if there are any dents, cracks, etc. If you notice anything of that sort, bring your car to us immediately. You can also walk around your vehicle and see frame damage.

Frame RepairOther signs to look out for include…

  • Uneven tire wear: This may indicate one of several problems, including frame damage.
  • Rear wheels unaligned with front wheels: If your car is constantly moving sideways, that might mean the frame is bent.
  • Unfit panels and parts: Check the seams around your car doors, trunk, hood, etc. If they don’t align, that can signal frame damage, especially if the doors don’t close properly.
  • Car favors one side of the road: Similar to your wheels not being uniform, if your vehicle consistently favors one side of the road, it either means the alignment or frame is off.
  • Odd noises: When your car needs service, you may hear strange noises. Metal banging, squealing, or skipping can indicate some fluid is leaking or low. These noises may also mean that the frame is damaged.

Now that you know how to identify frame damage, you can act quickly and schedule an appointment with our collision team!

When Should I Schedule Frame Repair? 

The second you notice your vehicle’s frame has been damaged, you should schedule repair services. Our team can confidently assess frame damage and devise a plan to fix it, assuming it’s not beyond repair.

We recommend having your vehicle towed to our facility if you need frame repair, as driving something with a compromised frame can be disastrous.

I Need Computerized Frame Repair near Taunton MA

Needing computerized frame repair near Taunton, Massachusetts, is a big job that requires a team of skilled technicians to complete. Thankfully, our team at Collision 24 is ready to help! With state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment, we can quickly assess your car’s frame damage and formulate a plan to fix it.

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