Computerized Frame Repair

If you have been involved in an accident, you could be looking for automotive body repair. At Collision 24, we’re positioned well to help in this area, offering a wide array of services, including computerized frame repair near Stoughton, MA. Computerized frame repair is one of our most innovative offerings as it is able to easily restore a damaged vehicle back to original manufacturer specs.

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What is Computerized Frame Repair?

Computerized Frame Repair Not quite sure what computerized frame repair is? No worries, we’ll start by explaining a bit more.

Each vehicle features a frame. The frame is responsible for holding the rest of the vehicle in place, serving as a base upon which the rest of the body is built. When your car is involved in an accident, depending on the severity, it can damage the frame and throw it out of alignment. This is where computerized frame repair comes into play.

The computerized frame repair machine will go to work, measuring your vehicle’s dimensions and comparing them against the original dimensions, helping us make the necessary adjustments.

How Does Computerized Frame Repair Work?

Next, you may be wondering how this technology works. While it may sound complicated, it is rather simple with only a few steps. First, computerized electronic measuring devices are attached to the vehicle at fixed marker points.

The machine then takes measurements of these markers and compares them to the measurements originally designed by the manufacturer. From there, our team can restore the frame to the proper dimensions.

Do I Need Computerized Frame Repair?

Computerized Frame Repair So, do you need computerized frame repair? Well, the answer to that question is not simple. It largely depends upon the damage your vehicle has incurred. Typically, frame damage is more prevalent in more extensive collisions. However, it doesn’t completely rule out frame repair caused by more minor fender benders. So, to truly make this determination, we’ll need to look and provide a diagnosis.

If your car has already been repaired from an aesthetic standpoint, but does not quite feel “right” when you drive it, it can point to a frame issue, too. Here, you will want to have the ride reexamined to determine if there is an underlying frame issue still plaguing your vehicle.

Completing Your Computerized Frame Repair near Stoughton MA in Little Time!

At Collision 24, we realize you are busy. Whether you want to check out Borderland State Park when the weather is nice, have to carpool for the kids’ soccer practice, or have another venture, we’ll work hard to accommodate your schedule.

Accordingly, our team vows to work efficiently and effectively on your computerized frame repair near Stoughton, Massachusetts. That way, your vehicle gets the TLC it needs to run properly for years to come, and you can resume roaming again in no time.

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