What may possibly be the biggest car crisis that can happen in the middle of the Massachusetts summer’s sweltering heat? You got it: your car’s air conditioner deciding to call it quits. On top of dealing with the summer heat, you don’t want to be panicking over the state of the rest of your car, too.

But Collison 24 in Brockton is here to help! Check out these tips on how to diagnose a broken AC so you can get your car into the shop and back on the road cool and collected in no time.

We’re guessing that you know that your car’s AC is out of whack (hence the lack of cool air despite your AC’s on setting), but weak air, warm air, no air—what can it all mean? Read about the following symptoms and their corresponding parts to help you diagnose the issue and whether it’s a quick fix or one that requires repair shop attention.

Step One: Evaluate Temperature

First, you’ll want to determine how your AC isn’t working. Here’s what to note regarding temperature:

  • Is the air temperature warmer than usual?
  • Does the air coming from the vents vary between hot and cold?
  • Does the air blow cold and then shut off?

Temperature solutions: Many temperature problems indicate a low refrigerant level due to a leak. If not caught early, a pinhole-sized leak could cause major problems. Bring in your car for service as soon as you notice a change in the air.

If your air conditioner starts out blowing cold air and then stops entirely, it could be that the refrigerant is freezing up. The quick solution to this is to shut off your AC for a brief time to let it thaw and then start it back up again. If this issue persists, it’s best to keep your cool and have a trained professional take a look.

Step 2: Access Airflow Issues

Another avenue of your AC’s functionality that you’ll want to consider is how the air is moving from the vents. The easiest way to do this is to observe the following:

  • Does the airflow feel weaker than usual?
  • Is there a lack of pressure altogether?
  • Are any odd noises coming from the vents while the AC’s on?
  • Are there any strange smells filtering through?

Airflow issue solutions: Weak air flow could mean a whole host of issues in your air conditioning system, from a loose hose to a damaged ventilation fan, while odd noises point to a compressor problem.

The simplest check you can do is inspecting your car’s cabin air filter. You’ll want to consult your model’s owner’s manual on filter replacement as well, but if you can see excessive debris and dirt on the filter, it’s a safe bet this is what’s impeding air flow or causing a funky smell.

Step 3: Check Your Heat

We know it’s summer and likely the last thing you want to do is turn on your car’s heat with the state of things already, but trust us on this one. If your heat doesn’t work either, your car likely has an issue with its blower motor and needs to be brought in for an inspection and repair.

Your car’s air conditioning system is made up of a variety of components, and while going without AC in the summer is one thing, you don’t want to be stuck without heat when the brutal winter chill rolls around. Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton drivers, schedule an appointment online with Collision 24’s service center today to ensure that you stay comfortable and safe in your ride year-round!