Did your tires’ rims scrape a curb and cause damage to the wheels? Maybe they’ve been damaged in an accident. No matter the case, Collision 24 can repair your wheels back to factory standards. How long does wheel repair take, though? We’ll answer that in this article!

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How Do I Know I Need Wheel Repairs?

Wheel RepairYour car’s wheels are essential, so it’s a great idea to know when you need wheel repair. That being said, how can you tell if repairs are necessary?

Here are some signs to look out for…

  • The wheel is bent or warped: A bent or warped wheel can be challenging to balance and cause the tires to wear quickly. A specialist might be able to straighten the wheel out.
  • Cracks in the wheel: A cracked wheel is never a good sign, as it can cause one or more tires to blow out and cause steering issues.
  • Missing lug nuts or bolts: A wheel can come loose if lug nuts or bolts are missing, which is especially dangerous if you’re driving at high speeds.
  • Scratches or scuffs: Scratches or scuffs may not seem like a big deal, but in the case of your wheels, they can cause steering issues.
  • Out-of-balance wheels: Off-balance wheels can lead to steering issues and worn tires.

In many cases, if the damage is minor, the wheel can be repaired. However, if a technician deems the damage major, they’ll recommend replacements.

Wheel Repair Turnaround Time

Should you need wheel repair, the time it takes to complete the work depends on the service. Minor repairs, straightening, and cracks can usually be completed the same day. In these instances, you should expect repairs to take roughly an hour per wheel.

Rim repair and wheel powder coating services may take an extra day. Wheels that sustain significant damage must be replaced, which can take a day or two.

Where to Get Wheel Repair Services Completed 

Wheel Rim RepairWhile it’s easy to think nothing of a crack or dent in your wheels, it can spell disaster. We aim to put your mind at ease with our skilled team of wheel repair experts. We’ll confidently assess wheel damage and come up with a plan to fix or replace them.

Whether you need tire balancing, scratch or dent removal, straightening, lug nut or bolt replacements, or a total wheel replacement, we’ll make sure your car gets what it needs to operate at peak levels again.

Our team can also provide accident prevention services. They’ll help you devise a plan to have your car serviced on time, which can significantly increase the chances that you won’t need major repairs at any point.

I Need My Wheels Repaired

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