Car accidents often cause damage to vehicles. When they do, frame damage may occur. Many car accidents can cause frame damage, and it can help to have experts examine your vehicle to determine repair needs. All vehicles should be checked for frame damage, regardless of the severity of the accident.

Collision 24 breaks down frame damage for drivers around Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton, Massachusetts, to help you learn more about it.

Four Types of Frame Damage

Car FrameThere are four common types of frame damage:

  • Sagging Frame
  • Twisted Frame
  • Sway Damage
  • Mashed Frame

A sagging frame is when the frame of your vehicle is sagging. This happens because the parts of the frame have become uneven, and the vehicle leans as a result. This causes additional stress on tires and oils, which can wear out more quickly.

A twisted frame is similar to a sagging frame but features more of a twist. It can cause the car to feel unstable when driving quickly, and turning becomes difficult.

Sway damage happens when another vehicle or object collides with the corner of your vehicle. The car will lean in one direction, and the alignment of your vehicle may be damaged. This type of damage can also lead to transmission issues.

A mashed frame occurs after a rear-end or a head-on collision. The frame crumples in order to protect the driver and passenger. The vehicle will look shorter and have obvious deformities on the hood, gender, and fails. This can cause additional damage that extends beyond the mashed part of the vehicle.

Can You Repair a Damaged Frame?

Some vehicles with frame damage can return to how it was pre-collision. Repairing frame damage requires the right tools, team, and knowledge, which you’ll find at Collision 24. Your insurance company will assess the damage and determine if a vehicle with frame damage is both safe and worth repairing.

How to Spot Signs of Frame Damage

Frame damage can sometimes be spotted when doing a quick assessment of your vehicle. After an accident, take a close look at the car from each angle. If there are major dents or visible crumples, or the vehicle is leaning to one side, there may be frame damage. You may also notice that parts of your vehicle are not quite fitting together as they used to.

If you feel that it is safe to drive your vehicle, you may notice unusual tire wear or unstable driving; this can also indicate frame damage.

A professional can do a more thorough inspection to determine if frame damage exists in less obvious places.

Learn More About Frame Damage Today

If you believe that your vehicle has frame damage, you can get it inspected at Collision 24. Our team can help drivers around Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton, MA, move on from an accident and assess the vehicle repairs your car may need.

We work with many insurance companies and will keep you updated every step of the way. Find out if your vehicle has frame damage today.