Keeping the cabin of your car clean can be an arduous task. However, keeping it tidy and organized reaps several benefits for you, your car and your passengers.

When the inside of your car needs a deep, thorough cleaning, schedule an interior car detailing appointment with Collision 24. We’ll scrub every nook and cranny inside your vehicle and restore it to like-new quality. We’re an auto body shop near Stoughton and, once we’re finished detailing your interior, it will look the way it did when it came off the assembly line.

Importance of Detailing Your Car

Detailing your car eliminates dust, allergens and offensive odors that build up overtime. It ensures you ride in comfort and style and is an important component to your vehicle’s upkeep.

interior car detailing 2In fact, keeping your car clean can increase its resale value and prevent mechanical issues from arising in the future. Like oil changes or transmission services, detailing your interior is an important component of preventative maintenance. Collision 24’s detailing services go beyond the surface and deliver excellent results every time you make an appointment.

How We Do it at Collision 24

When you schedule an interior car detailing appointment with us, our technicians clean every vent, console, window and crevice inside your car. We vacuum every surface, shampoo the carpet, eliminate ground in stains and more. We even get between the switches, knobs and dials of your car so you drive away with a spotless, beautiful interior.

When You Should Schedule a Detailing

Depending on your driving habits, you should get the interior of your car detailed every four to six months. Doing so will prevent dust, dirt and grime from building up, and help you maintain a comfortable, hygienic cabin.

If you drive with kids or track mud into your interior, you might consider getting your car detailed at Collision 24 more frequently. Either way, you should dust your dashboard, clean your windows and throw out old papers between appointments to keep your cabin tidy and get the best results.

About Collision 24

Collision 24 provides a wide range of automotive services. Between our bodywork, towing, post-accident repairs and preventative maintenance services, Collision 24 provides everything you need to help you care for your car.

Collision 24 is in your corner for oil changes, engine tune ups, interior detailing and more. We’re passionate about customer service and will perform any repairs or replacements you need. Anytime you need accident repairs or interior detailing services near Stoughton, Collision 24 has you covered.

Learn More About Our Interior Car Detailing Services

If it’s time to get the interior of your car detailed, you can schedule an appointment at Collision 24. We deliver excellent results and prompt service, so that way you ride through Stoughton in comfort.

To find out more, please contact us online or by calling (508) 586-2010.

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