An unsightly dent could mar the beautiful exterior of your car. Through possibly no fault of your own, a dent could develop from a grocery cart on the run or during a minor car accident.

If you’re ready to remove the dent, it may be time to schedule paintless dent repair near Boston, Massachusetts, at Collision 24.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Dent RepairIf you’ve never needed a dent repaired, you may be unfamiliar with paintless dent repair. This procedure involves less invasive techniques to repair a dent.

Our collision team uses a tool to reshape and reverse the dent, with minimal evidence.

Since it reshapes the dent, it doesn’t affect your car’s paint job. Therefore, your paint will remain intact and not need a touch-up or repainting. This’ll save you the extra time and expense of requesting a new paint job.

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work

When a collision technician performs this type of service, they use dedicated tools that help to reshape the dent. They can pinpoint the exact location of the dent, then reverse it from the opposite side.

Metal rods and body picks may also be used in working on the dent. To light up the area for a more precise reshaping, the techs use LED lighting to make the dent more visible.

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

Dent in BumperMany benefits result from employing paintless dent repair. Since you’re not adding a paint job, it costs less money to fix the dents.

Plus, removing the dents ultimately boosts the value of your car if you plan to trade it in sometime in the future.

With green initiatives becoming more prominent in every industry, the paintless option merges right in. Fewer chemicals will be used, so it’s a more environmentally friendly procedure.

The auto paints manufacturers and service centers now use last longer and endure more damage.

This means the paintless option works well, since it further prevents the paint from chipping and spreading, which could lead to rust if not remedied.

To piggyback on this point, if your car gets in the middle of a hailstorm around Beantown, you may receive more dents. This can happen in most climates and areas—including the Massachusetts Bay area.

When dealing with this weather calamity frequently, your car could suffer from dents multiple times and require repairs. The paintless option can be a lifesaver and a money-saver!

Other Collision Services Available

Car DetailingDuring your car’s lifetime, it could need many diverse repairs—some of which may be unexpected. Our dealership provides all types of collision services.

These services include bumper repair, wheel repair, frame repair, car detailing, and 24-hour towing.

Let us know what we can do for you after you’ve been in an accident or experienced car damage in some other way!

Schedule Paintless Dent Repair near Boston MA

Give your car the gift of paintless dent repair near Boston, MA. If your vehicle suffers from dent damage from a falling branch, runaway grocery cart, or fender-bender, let Collision 24 take care of it.

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