In the moments following a major car accident in Brockton, Randolph, or Stockton, there are a lot of things on your mind. After you’ve made sure you and your passengers haven’t suffered any serious injuries, you want to make sure there are no additional accidents by getting your car off the road. However, if you’ve never been involved in an accident before, you may not know the best place to park your car to protect yourself and other drivers.

Fortunately, whether you’re on the highway or a residential road, there are a few places you can park your car in the moments following a serious accident. Learn where to park after a car accident and find out how to get the repairs your vehicle needs after you’ve been involved in a wreck.

Parking on the Highway

Because of their high-speed nature, accidents on the highway are often very serious and may result in your car no longer functioning. However, if your car still does run, there are a few places you can park your car while you’re waiting for the police to arrive at the scene of your accident.

If your wreck happened on a section of highway that includes a breakdown lane, this lane is where you’ll park your car after your accident. However, if there is no breakdown lane available, you should pull your car onto the shoulder of the road as far as possible, making sure no part of your car is protruding into the road.

If neither a shoulder or a breakdown lane is possible, you should drive your car to the closest highway exit. Wherever you choose to park your car, getting your vehicle off the road is an important part of ensuring public safety after an accident.

Parking in Residential Areas

As there are no shoulders or breakdown lanes, parking your car after a wreck in a residential area can be a little trickier. Your first, best option would be to pull your car into a nearby driveway so that it is out of the main road. Unfortunately, depending on the road your accident occurred on, a driveway may not be readily available, which means you’ll need to look for another solution.

If the road you’re on features a turning lane, you can park in the turning lane and turn on your emergency blinkers to warn other drivers. It’s also possible to turn onto a side street if one is available near your wreck. Lastly, you can park your car in a business’ parking lot.

Repair Your Vehicle after a Car Accident

In the days after your accident has occurred, your primary focus will be on repairing your vehicle so that it returns to its normal functioning. To get the repairs you need after a car accident, the only thing you need to do is visit Collision 24. Serving Randolph, Broughton, and Stockton, the Collision 24 service center can examine your vehicle after a wreck and get it back in working order. Contact us today!