how pot holes can damage your carPotholes have a remarkable way of simultaneously damaging your car and your wallet. Even with constant roadwork efforts, it seems like there’s always an unforeseen pothole lurking underfoot, especially during the transition between winter and summer seasons in Massachusetts.

From being obvious and out in the open to deep cavities that take your wheels by surprise, potholes have made their presence known as car maintenance terrors that come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your pothole faux-pas was clearly pronounced or a stealthy occurrence, at Collison 24 of Brockton, we recognize potholes as serious car damage offenders.

Read on to find out how potholes can damage your car as well as what you can look for post-pothole strike.

Pothole Peril #1: Tire Troubles

After a pothole takes you and your car for an unexpected jolt, most drivers check their tires for a puncture. This is a valid response, as car tires win the award of most likely to be damaged in a pothole run-in while driving local highways between Randolph and Stoughton.

A pothole’s depth and jagged edges put your tires at risk of damage and air loss. Depending on the severity of the event, the affected tire could require immediate replacement. Look for sidewall bulging and general wear and check the tire pressure as well.

Striking a pothole at high speeds has the potential to dent your car’s wheel rims too, especially if you drive a newer car with less sturdy aluminum-based rims.

Pothole Peril #2: Suspension Damage

The shock-absorbing springs and struts that compose your suspension and make for a smooth ride are certainly compromised when you hit a pothole. While pothole damage to your suspension can accumulate over time, taking on the right-sized pothole at an accelerated speed could be enough to cause noticeable damage to your suspension in one shot.

If you notice a difference in your car’s handling post-pothole plummet, it’s a good idea to get your suspension checked ASAP.

Pothole Peril #3: Alignment Issues

pothole damage brockton maIt’s a little ironic that hitting a pothole has the potential to put your steering’s alignment out of whack. It feels like a cruel joke from the pothole that was in your path that will surely teach you to steer clear next time.

If your alignment is damaged from frequent pothole run-ins, you’ll feel it in the car’s steering. Take note of any extra effort required on the part of the steering wheel to steady the car when navigating your usual routes, be it feeling a general pull to the right or left or shaking in your car’s tires.

While a conscious effort can be made to avoid running over potholes both big and small, this calls on a multitude of factors you may not always have complete control over. Your reaction time in the midst of driving conditions such as the time of day, weather circumstances, type of road, and more contribute to your perception of the approaching dip in the road.

Don’t ignore potential pothole damage that can have serious consequences! Schedule an appointment online at Collision 24’s super service center serving Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton. Our collision-savvy technicians can quickly pinpoint pothole damage so you’ll be back on the road, with eyes wide open, in no time!