Rental Cars Near Cambridge MA
You never know when you may need to take advantage of rental cars near Cambridge, MA. If you don’t know much about getting a rental car, Collision 24 Auto can inform you about what it’s all about. That way, you’ll know for the future where to go and what to do when you need a temporary set of wheels.

Reasons for Renting a Car
Many times, the need for a rental car comes in the aftermath of a car accident. If your car suffered serious damage in a crash, you may be without transportation for more than one day. That’s where we come in—we can help you get a rental car to fill in the important role of driving you to where you need to go.
When you need to get around the Greater Boston Metropolitan area or outside of the city, we can supply you with a road-ready vehicle. Within our vast inventory, you’ll find a number of different makes and models and body styles to accommodate your diverse needs.
We understand that you’re most comfortable in your own car. You’ve adjusted your driver’s seat to the perfect position, set up your phone to connect to your car, and you know which direction to go to put on the wiper blades or your blinker. It’s fun, though, to try out another vehicle, including one that may have sparked your curiosity, so consider it an exciting adventure.

Renting a Car
How to Rent
How to Rent a Car
If you’re unsure about the rental process, our car rental staff can answer your questions. Let us know what type of car you need to easily transition into your lifestyle, whether you need a large SUV for your family or a sporty commuter car for traveling all over Cambridge.
Renting a car may be a new experience, and we’ll walk you through each step. While our collision technicians bring your car back into fighting shape, you’ll have a car to keep you on your schedule, whether you attend Harvard or MIT or you work at one of the universities in town.

Other Services We Provide
Unlike some facilities, we provide both rental cars and excellent collision services. When you get into a car accident, you may need to bring your car in for service at one place and pick up a rental car at another. We make it more convenient by having both services right here. Services that we offer include bumper repair, wheel repair, paintless dent repair, frame repair, and more.
One of your first calls after an accident can be to us. After you contact your insurance company, our collision team can work out a strategy for fixing your car. We’ll offer an estimate and let you know how long the repairs may take.
We also provide a 24-hour towing service, so that if you experienced a tire blowout, mechanical failure, and you’re stuck on the road, we can be there for you. And we can bring you right to our facility, so that you can start looking for a rental car.


Take Advantage of Our Rental Cars Near Cambridge MA
When an unexpected accident puts your car on stand-by, let us help you find rental cars near Cambridge, Massachusetts. Collision 24 Auto can explain the process and get you into a new set of temporary wheels. Contact us for a consultation today.