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It happens to the best of us: one minute you’re out driving to run errands, commute, or visit your favorite local hotspots, and the next your vehicle is involved in an accident. When your car is hit, you’ll want to make sure that it’s repaired and back to its old self. Even when your ride needs to stay with the professionals for a bit, you still have places to be. That’s where we come in.

We offer rental cars near Randolph, Massachusetts, so that you can keep up with your active lifestyle all throughout the area while your ride is being repaired. Our mission is to keep you on the move while restoring your vehicle to its original great condition. You can trust Collision 24 to take care of you and your ride so you can get back to your routine confidently. Contact us to get started.

About Our Rental Cars

Renting a CarGetting your car repaired will take time to ensure the job is done right and that it is restored to its former glory. While the experts use professional-grade tools to get your vehicle back in working order, we want to make sure you can continue with your regular daily life. Our rental cars help make that happen.

We have a variety of vehicles waiting for drivers like you who still need to be on the move. We’ll do our best to find you a car that matches your preference for style, manufacturer, and more so your drives feel more natural. Our rental cars will let you take to the road and maintain your lifestyle.


Our Other Services

Collision repair

While you’re out in your rental car keeping up with your day-to-day, our team of experts will be hard at work getting your car back in shape. We use professional-grade tools and parts to repair your vehicle and get it ready for the road again. Our experts have experience with all sorts of auto repair, so they’ll be sure to give your car the attention it needs. These include:

Our goal is to have your car ready for you in excellent condition thanks to the training and experience of our team members.

We Keep You Moving

Renting Process


While our crew gets your car back into good shape, you can stay on top of your daily tasks. You can continue life smoothly and continue to run errands, commute to work, or take the family out on the town at night. Your rental car will help make it all possible, and in the meantime, your own ride will get back into top shape.



Check Out Our Rental Cars near Randolph MA

Our rental cars will keep you moving on with life in Randolph, MA, so that you can stay on top of your daily life. While you’re out doing your business as usual, our team will be repairing your car so that things will truly be back to normal. Contact us at Collision 24 to schedule your appointment and get a rental car today.