Rental Cars near Stoughton MA

When you’re in need of rental cars near Stoughton, MA, come check in with us at Collision 24. Our selection of rental cars is diverse and allows you to take on the vehicle that suits your needs. We’ve written an overview of our rental car selection as well as our terrific service center.

Our Great Rental Car Selection

Rental Car SelectionWhen your vehicle has suffered collision damage and needs service or replacement parts, it can be inconvenient. Being able to get through your daily errands without issue is a necessity these days. Our selection of rental cars respects this need by providing you with the means to continue with your daily routine. While your vehicle is in the shop, you can trust one of our rental cars to get you where you need to go.

We have a healthy inventory of rental cars at our disposal and need from you some details to get moving. That includes requests for a specific make, model, and trim. After that, we’ll dispatch a car that matches with that. However, if we can’t accommodate the exact request, we’ll offer the closest option.

When you leave behind the wheel of one of our rental cars, you can trust that our associates have everything else covered. This covers everything from completing collision repair work to finalizing replacements and routine services. You’ll have access to the rental car for as long as it takes to get your original vehicle back to safe working order.

Our Services

Oil ChangeAside from providing rental cars, we offer a number of services that keep you running right. We perform multi-point preventative inspections and preventative routine maintenance services. These two applications are designed to keep your car’s health in check by creating conditions where an issue is less likely to develop. This can look like inspections that catch weak joints or connections as well as maintenance routines, like oil changes, tire rotations, and more.

We operate a 24-hour towing service that can aid you at any time of need. Whether it’s two in the morning or five in the afternoon, our towing service is ready to come to your aid. It’s good to know that if you do suffer a collision event or any other mechanical failure occurs, you can trust us to pick you up. Then, with your vehicle in our shop, you can utilize one of our many rental cars.

A Snapshot of Stoughton MA

While you’re in town, why not spend some time exploring the Longyear Museum, dedicated to the life and times of the founder of Christian Science? This museum offers fascinating insights into the life of Mary Baker Eddy. Exhibits include the Mary Baker Historic House, which is the farmhouse and shoe shop where Eddy spent her formative years.

Rent with Us

Now that you know more about rental cars near Stoughton, Massachusetts, it’s time to act. When you are in need of a rental car, make sure you call to schedule usage of one with us at Collision 24! Contact us online with any questions you may have.