Collision 24The automotive repair process can be anywhere from simple to a complicated and longwinded process. From the diagnosis to the actual repair, the stresses can be noticed. Collision 24 is serving those Randolph, Stoughton, and Brockton and helping provide and easier repair process for drivers all over the area. While each repair process is different, Collision 24 is providing some constants within this each repair for better peace of mind.

We Repair All Cars

The auto repair process can give any driver a stressful day, and this is even more evident if your vehicle cannot be repaired at a certain service center. However, at Collision 24, that’s not the case. Whether you drive a pickup truck or a simple sedan, our trained technicians are able to repair it. They are fully -trained and equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to perform great and efficient repairs for whatever your drive.

State of the Art Facility

We feature a state of the art facility houses advanced technologies for our technicians to better repair your vehicle. Within the walls of our facilities, we feature innovative technologies like our computerized frame repair, and our computerized paint matching to help us individualize the repair plan that works for you, right down to the last drop of paint. Plus we also offer windshield repairs, paintless dent removal, and more.

24 Hour Towing

To help you get your car fixed faster, we’re providing you with Collision 24’s 24-hour towing service. No matter where you are in Brockton, Stoughton, or Randolph, you can give us a quick call and request our towing service to come pick you up. We also offer rental car services so you can go on about your day while we work hard to get your car back to you in a great shape.

Collision 24


At Collision 24, we understand how stressful just being in an accident or collision can be for drivers. With our sales and specials, we’re striving to take a little stress off of you during the repair process. Our sales and specials can provide you with a more affordable repair.

Customer Service

Collision and accidents are hard to go through, and our specialists and technicians understand that. They provide you with friendly and great service to help you feel at ease after such a stressful incident. Here, you’ll not only feel comfortable while you wait for your vehicle to be repaired, but you’ll also feel a big weight come off your chest as you take comfort in knowing that Collision 24 is here for you.

Collision 24Each vehicle that goes through a collision or accident needs different kinds of repair processes, however, at Collision 24, we strive to provide you with constants that help you calm down and feel less stressed after an accident. From our prices to our services, we’re here to help you and your car get back on the road safely and quickly.

After going through a collision or accident in Randolph, Brockton, or Stoughton, head to Collision 24 to have our technicians perform the necessary repairs needed to get your car up and running again.