Every vehicle needs a fresh set of tires at some point. However, what if you’re not sure what signs to look for to know if you should get a tire replacement Fortunately, deciding whether or not you should get a tire change couldn’t be simpler.

With our guide to the five signs that your car needs new tires created by Collision 24, drivers of Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton will quickly become masters of managing your tires.

The Importance of Tire Pressure

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Worn-Down Tread Depth

After you’ve driven your vehicle for a while, your tire tread begins to deteriorate. Without the proper tread, you could see severe damage to your car’s wheels. Fortunately, measuring the tread depth of your tires is easy.

Simply grab a penny, turn it upside down, and place it in your tire’s tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s time for you to head to your mechanic for a tire replacement.

Noticeable Tread Wear Bars

To help drivers identify when it’s appropriate to have a tire change, many manufacturers include tread wear indicators in their tires. When your tires are new, these bars will be invisible. Once they begin to age, you’ll start noticing perpendicular bars on your tires.

Once you see one or two of these signals, it’s wise to take your car in for a tire change. That way, you can avoid any dangerous situations as a result of old tires.

Sidewall Cracks

Seeing any kind of crack on your car is never a good sign, and that couldn’t be truer for your tires. Not only are they unsightly, but cracks in your tires could be the start of low air leaks and even major blow outs, which can result in a collision.

So, once you see a crack in your tire, call your local service center and schedule an appointment.

Tire Swelling and Bulging

Another major sign that you’re due for a tire replacement is any blistering or swelling. Not only is this a symptom of wear, but it can also cause an accident if your tire suddenly goes flat while you’re driving. Instead of risking a dangerous situation, visit your service center if you see any bulges in your tires.

Excess Vibrating

It’s not uncommon for vehicles to vibrate or shake while on rough roads. If you discover that your car vibrates all the time, this could be a cause for concern.

While vibrating can be a symptom of many different issues, it’s possible that the reason is a worn-out tire tread. The best course of action in this scenario is to take your vehicle over to a trusted technician, so they can properly diagnose your automobile.

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