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Three Tips for Post-Accident Repair Estimates

After a car accident, receiving an accurate repair estimate is the first step for getting your car fixed and back on the road in Brockton, Stoughton and Randolph. These three tips from Collision 24 can help you get a fair car appraisal, even if an insurance company is slow-moving during the process.

Here are three ways to get the best repair estimate after a car accident.

1.      Get Multiple Estimates from Repair Shops You Trust

Visit several body shops to find the best estimate available, but only go to businesses where you’d actually get repairs done. Shop around for reputable, quality collision shops who are meticulous enough to find all damage from the accident, and make sure the quotes they provide sufficiently cover all repairs.

Don’t just get an estimate from your insurance company. It may not cover the repairs you need, and estimates from other shops can help you negotiate your claim. Get no less than three written estimates detailing the cost of repairs, labor and parts that you can present to your insurance company.

 2.       Don’t Let Your Insurance Company Drag Its Feet

Your insurance adjuster could be working on over 100 cases at once, which means you might not get an appraisal as soon as you’d like. If it’s been a week since the accident and your company hasn’t inspected the damage — and you’ve received at least two written estimates —  there’s no reason to delay repairs if you can afford them.

After you’ve repaired your car, demand compensation from your insurer. Keep in mind that your insurance company may only reimburse you for a lower estimate if you went to a shop that provided the highest estimate, and that fixing your vehicle before agreeing on an estimate eliminates an incentive for your provider to promptly settle a case.

 3.       Be Wary of Low-Ball Estimates

If you work with an adjuster, they might direct you to a shop that fixes vehicles for less than their repair estimate. Be wary of their recommendation.

Sometimes, shops that provide poor quality work make deals with insurance companies to get more referrals, which means your car may not receive the inspection or repairs it needs. You’re not obligated to get repairs from the shop your company recommends, so get two or three estimates from independent repair shops to prevent this from happening.

Get a Repair Estimate at Collision 24

Getting an accurate repair estimate after a car crash can seem impossible, but the licensed appraisers at Collision 24 are here to help. We provide fair, trustworthy estimates for drivers throughout Brockton, Randolph and Stoughton, and we’ll provide a fair quote so you can move forward with your insurance claim.

Schedule an appointment with Collision 24 to get your estimate today, or call us at (508) 586-2010. We’re conveniently located at 97 Manley St., Brockton, MA, 02301, and are here for all of your post-accident needs.