Sustaining damage to any part of your vehicle is never a good thing, but certain parts are designed to absorb the majority of an impact in a collision. This better protects you and your precious passengers from the full force of an accident. Your vehicle’s bumpers, fenders, headlights, and tires are the most common places on your car to experience accident damage.


accident_1Your front and rear bumpers are the most common places on your vehicle to experience accident damage. Whether you rear-ended someone, were rear-ended yourself, or simply bumped the entrance to your garage on the way in, your bumpers are going to pay for it.

Your front bumpers are designed to withstand more damage than your rear bumpers, so if you rear-ended someone, chances are that their rear bumper is more damaged than your front one. Alternatively, even if you barely rear-ended someone, your front bumper most likely did quite a number on their rear bumper. Either way, seemingly minor damages can quickly turn into more serious ones, so you want to get your bumpers repaired sooner rather than later.


Your car’s fenders are next on the list of likely places to be damaged in an accident. For those of you less car-savvy readers, fenders are the parts on the sides of your car that frame the wheels. Consequently, side impact collisions are the most common type of accident that leads to fender damage, although unfortunate impacts with speed breakers or curbs are other possible culprits.

Unlike bumpers, fenders are rigid, which means that they are more prone to breaking on impact. While your bumper and other metallic areas of your vehicle are designed to crumble in an accident, your fenders merely break.


Headlights, the fragile parts that they are, also often fall victim to accident damage. The colorful plastic protecting them covers a large portion of both the front and the back of your vehicle, making them prime targets for damage. These plastic covers are also quite rigid, making them relatively easy to shatter. Like fenders, headlights tend to break on impact rather than crumble inwards like other parts of your vehicle.


Your tires and wheels are the least likely of all the places to be subject to accident damage. Nevertheless, even the slightest damage to your tires and wheels can put your car out of commission until you get it fixed. Thankfully, repairing or replacing tires is much cheaper than repairing other parts of your car. Additionally, only one or two of your tires, as opposed to all four, are likely to be damaged in an accident and in need of repairs.

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Even if your vehicle is involved in a minor fender-bender or other minimally damaging impact, you need to have the damages repaired as soon as possible. Any damage to your car takes away from its overall structure that is designed with your safety in mind. Collision 24 proudly serves the Brockton, MA community six days a week. Contact us today if your vehicle is in need of repairs.