Car Accident SceneGetting into a car accident is never fun. Depending on the circumstances, collisions can be stressful and traumatic for all parties involved. Several different kinds of accidents can occur in Brockton, Randolph and Stoughton, but the three listed below are especially frustrating.

Check out this article to learn about the three most common car accidents and how you can adjust your driving to avoid them.

1. Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions usually occur when another driver is following too closely behind you. These are the most common car crashes in any age group, but that doesn’t make them any less frustrating.

Generally, you can prevent rear end collisions by maintaining a safe following distance with the car in front of you. Doing so gives you more time to stop if the driver ahead of you breaks suddenly.

If you’re being tailgated, flash your tail lights a few times to warn the driver behind you when you’re slowing down, especially if you’re coming up to a traffic light or driving at highway speeds.

When you indicate that you’re slowing down, drivers behind you instinctively place their foot over their brake. This decreases their reaction time and the odds that they’ll collide with your vehicle.

2. Crashes at Intersections

Damaged PaintApproximately one half of all car crashes occur while turning at an intersection. Many young drivers experience these collisions due to inexperience and poor judgement when finding gaps in traffic large enough to merge into, so make sure you’re paying attention whenever you approach a busy intersection.

Wait until you have enough space in the traffic flow to make it across an intersection safely, especially if it’s at rush hour or during a busy time of the day.

3. Collisions When Changing Lanes

Typically, these crashes occur when a driver merges, changes lanes, or diverges without checking their blind spots. In order to avoid these crashes, use a turn signal, check your mirrors and look at your blind spots before making a lane switch.

While driving, you should also maintain a safe distance between you, the cars in front and behind you, and the ones on either side of you. That way, if one suddenly switches lanes, you have enough time to react and dodge the collision.

What to Do If You’re in a Car Crash

If you’ve been in an accident in Brockton, Stoughton or Randolph, Collision 24 is here to help. We provide towing services, post-accident repairs and everything in between; we will help you get your car back up and running in no time.

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