Everyone’s car leaks fluids once in a while, whether you’re commuting everyday around Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton, MA, or are going on Sunday drives. Most of the time, it may not even be a leak, but rather water or condensation from your car’s air conditioning system. Nonetheless, seeing a puddle beneath your car could indicate service is needed, so you’ll want to remain informed on the different fluids you could run into.

Your car relies on a number of different fluids in order to run properly, which means a leak could cause your vehicle’s performance to suffer. In order to keep you informed and ensure your vehicle gets the service it requires, our team at Collision 24 has laid out the following guide of the different fluids you want to look for.

Blue Liquid with Water-like Consistency

If you encounter a liquid leaking towards the back of your car that looks like water with a blue tint, it could be a gas leak. There are some ways to confirm this is the case, for instance, the strong smell that gas omits. If you confirm it is gas, you should seek repair so you’re not wasting fuel.

Yellow/Brown or Dark Brown/Black Liquid

Collision 24 MAIf you see liquid that is yellow/brown or brown/black, this is most likely engine oil. An engine oil leak will cause oil levels to drop, which, in turn, can cause damage to your car’s engine if left unaddressed.

If the oil is leaking with a seeping pattern more than dripping out, then you probably don’t need to worry about it; oil seepage is relatively normal in high-mileage cars. Be sure to keep an eye out in case it turns into a dripping pattern.

Clear to Yellow Liquid with Oily Consistency

If you find liquid that is somewhere between translucent and yellow in hue, you are probably leaking brake fluid. If you suspect the leak to be brake fluid, have your car towed to a mechanic as quickly as possible. Don’t attempt to drive it there!

Your car’s brake fluid is essential to the function of the hydraulic pressure system of your braking system. If you are losing brake fluid, then there will be a drop in pressure, which could potentially cause your brakes to fail. This is not something you want to risk while out on the roadways.

Red to Brown Liquid with Oily Consistency

If this color of fluid is found leaking from the front or middle of the car, then it is probably your automatic transmission fluid. Your automatic transmission fluid is essential to making sure your car shifts properly and smoothly in addition to serving as a coolant for the transmission.

If your automatic transmission fluid levels drop below their required level, your transmission could break down completely, requiring a large repair to fix it. So, this is an area you will want to attend to quickly as well.

Yellow to Dark Brown Liquid with Thick Consistency

Thick, clumpy fluid that appears yellow, brown, or dark brown likely indicates there is a power steering fluid leak.

The power steering fluid is what helps make steering your car so effortless. Once it begins to leak, steering becomes more difficult. This can be dangerous on the road as your car will be harder to control. However, keep in mind that some cars will use automatic transmission fluid as their power steering fluid. Look through your car’s owner manual to find out what fluids are used for your power steering.

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Now that you have reviewed this guide, you should be ready to identify any leaks you find with your car. If you find a leak you think needs attention or even have a question, give our service team at Collision 24 a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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