Filing an insurance claim is an important step to move on from an accident. Part of that process may be getting an appraisal of your damaged vehicle. Understanding how car appraisals work makes negotiating with an insurance adjuster easier and helps you reach a fair settlement. Collision 24 breaks down the process below to help you file a car accident claim.

If you’ve been in an accident in Brockton, Stoughton, or Randolph, Massachusetts, here’s what you need to know about the car appraisal process.

What’s the Point of a Car Appraisal?

Appraisals help insurance companies determine a vehicle’s fair value and the cost of its repairs after a car accident. Sometimes, repairs cost more than the car is worth, and the payment insurance companies provide is based on the appraisal’s value.

Understanding the Car Appraisal Process Step-By-Step

After a collision, here’s what happens before and during a typical car appraisal:

1.       Contact Your Insurance Company

The first thing you need to do is report the accident to your insurance company. A claims adjuster may come directly to the scene to appraise your car or to a location where your vehicle has been towed.

2.      Interview with an Appraisal Expert

An appraisal expert will interview you to determine the accident’s circumstances before evaluating the car’s damage. This helps the appraisal expert understand the kind of damage that may have occurred and who may be at fault.

3.      Determining a Car’s Value

An appraiser looks at the car’s overall condition and the extent of its damage. They will then use specific criteria to determine the overall cost of coverage. This number is significant because it controls the coverage you receive under your policy.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

In some instances, damage is so severe that a car is totaled, meaning the car’s repairs would cost more than its value. As a result, your insurance agent may deem your vehicle a total loss. Repairing a totaled car is expensive and time-consuming, so accepting their payment of its value may be your best option.

Regardless, your insurance company is legally obligated to provide a fair price. If you feel their offer is low, you can increase their payment by showing proof of maintenance or mechanical improvements with receipts. This can help strengthen the case that your vehicle was worth more before the accident. Depending on your insurance company, you might be able to hire a third-party appraiser to look at your car.

Schedule a Car Appraisal at Collision 24

An accurate appraisal after a car accident is essential for your insurance claim. At Collision 24, our team of licensed appraisers will determine a fair value for your vehicle in the wake of a crash. We work with all major types of insurance and are here for all of your post-accident needs in Stoughton, Brockton, and Randolph, MA.

To speak with a licensed appraiser at Collision 24, schedule an appointment with us online or give us a call. We look forward to helping you get back on the road.