Wheel Repair

Have you noticed a crack or dent in your wheel? When you schedule wheel repair near Boston, Massachusetts, we can efficiently fix the issue and get you back on the road.

The expert technicians at Collision 24 are well-equipped to repair your wheels and ensure your vehicle is performing at its best. Read on to learn more about the importance of wheel repairs and what you can expect from our body shop.

What’s Wheel Repair? 

Wheel RepairAlong with moving you forward, the wheels are responsible for balancing and supporting your vehicle. If your wheel has a crack, dent, or other issue, this can affect its overall function and lead to further damage. Wheel repair is a great way to fix the issue without replacing the wheel.

At our body shop, we can perform several wheel repairs. Some types include repairing the tire rims, patching a scratch or scrape, and reshaping or straightening the wheel.

What Causes Damage to the Wheels?

The more you drive your vehicle, the more natural wear and tear it will experience. This is normal for each part of the vehicle, including its wheels. While tires typically last up to six years, you may need to schedule repairs between replacements to address certain damages.

There are three common types of wheel damage you may encounter on the road:

  • Curb Rash: This occurs if your wheel scrapes a raised concrete curb and compromises its protective coating. If left untreated, it can result in further damage from scratches and rust.
  • Dents: Potholes, road hazards, and collisions can all cause wheel dents. If your wheel is bent, it can eventually lead to dangerous situations, such as tire blowouts or flat tires.
  • Cracks: When encountering stationary objects or debris, the impact may cause your tires to form a crack. The damaged wheel can disrupt the balance of your car and lead to a blowout.

Leaving any of these types of damage untreated can lead to future issues that will require a wheel replacement. Wheel repair is a cost-effective solution to support the longevity of your tires and keep you safe on the road.

Auto Repairs at Our Expert Body Shop

wheel MechanicWhen you bring your vehicle in for a wheel repair, the experienced technicians at our body shop will provide a thorough inspection to determine the issue. Then, they’ll use advanced repair technology and techniques to repair your wheels.

Along with wheel repair, our body shop can handle a number of essential post-collision needs, including bumper and paintless dent repairs. We can also perform a car detail to help your road companion look factory-new and shine as it returns to the road.

To schedule repairs with us, complete our appointment form online and one of our team members will be in touch.

Schedule Wheel Repair near Boston MA 

Having your wheel repaired as soon as possible can prevent long-term damage. At Collision 24, you can schedule wheel repair near Boston, MA, and our team will help ensure your tires perform at their peak.

Schedule an appointment with us today or contact us with any questions!