Have you even felt the vibration in your steering wheel as you hit the highway? Can you and the passengers in the car feel the vehicle’s floor shake and vibrate? Maybe your travels are in a vehicle that wobbles. If your vehicle wobbles than it is a sure sign your tires need balanced.

As you drive, your tires will take on a different shape, causing inconsistencies in the rotation of the wheels.

The reshaping of tires can be caused by the following:

  • Hard braking, which will create a flat spot on the tire
  • Poor construction of the tire
  • The shape of the road
  • Potholes
  • The corners you take
  • Buildup of ice and mud
  • Losing the balance weights that were placed on the rims of your tires to keep the tires balanced to begin with.

When the rotation around the tire is not spinning evenly, wear and tear to your tires is going to cause tire deterioration quickly. Not only will your tires start to break down, but this will also strain the wheel bearings and suspension system. If not corrected, you will have further repairs to consider that are costly.

It’s recommended that tire balancing is performed on a regular basis, ideally every 4,000 – 6,000 miles.

You’ll want to make sure that your tires are balanced when you do/have the following:

  • Any time you have your tires replaced
  • Have a tire patched
  • If you’ve had new wheels installed
  • After purchasing new rims
  • Steering wheel vibrations at highway speeds
  • Seat and/or floor board vibrations at highway speeds
  • A bouncy feel when driving, and cupped wear patterns on your tires

Today’s vehicles are much easier to sense the need for a tire balance. The heavy cars of the past would weigh down the wobbling and vibration caused by imbalance, whereas today’s vehicles are made much lighter and with lower profiles so that the driver can easily sense irregularities in the vehicle operation. Only a half-ounce of imbalance will cause issues for the vehicle and driver. With the design of newer vehicles, the slightest imbalance can be felt.

Having your tires serviced and balanced on a regular basis will result in the following:

  • Smooth ride
  • Maintain longevity of tires
  • Maintain longevity of suspension
  • The betterment of drive-train components

If you are experiencing any of the signs that may be telling you to get your tires balanced, schedule an appointment or visit your mechanic as soon as possible. This will not only keep your vehicle safe on the roads but will save you a lot of money in future repair bills.

If you’re located in the greater Boston area and are having issues with your car’s tires and suspect they made need to be balanced, contact us at Collision 24. Located in Brockton, Collision 24 will help to take care of all your tire needs