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To some people, jumping your car by yourself may seem like a simple task, but others may find the process a little too complicated. The truth is that jumping a car can be dangerous if not done correctly. Carelessness and inexperience can result in electric shock, explosion, fire, or serious injuries. At Collision 24, we want to make sure our customers in Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton are being as safe as possible. We also want you to know the possible dangers and reasons why you shouldn’t jump your car yourself. For battery services in Brockton, contact us today to schedule an appointment. If you find that your battery has died and you need help, call our service department in Brockton. We offer 24-hour towing services to help get your vehicle the service or repair it needs while keeping you out of harm’s way.

Risk of Electrical Shock

If a driver attempts to jump a car battery and does so incorrectly, the results could be dangerous. Failure to follow the instructions in the user’s manual could lead to the person holding the jumper cables—or anyone close by—getting shocked or electrocuted. This risk increases if moisture is present, such as snow or rain. Shocks can also be caused by using cheaply made jumper cables or cables with damaged terminal clips. Parking the two vehicles too close together, to the point that they’re touching, can also cause serious risks.

Explosion or Fire

An exploding car battery isn’t common, but it’s still possible. A short circuit could boil the acids inside the battery, causing explosive vapors to build up. These vapors could cause an explosion, damaging the car and/or severely injuring anyone near the battery. The risk of a fire is another danger when attempting to jump your car. While they’re charging, car batteries produce flammable vapors that could ignite if they come in contact with a spark or open flame. Because of that risk, you should never smoke while attempting to jump your car.

Injury to Skin and Eyes

The sulfuric acid found inside a car battery is extremely corrosive. Contact with battery acid can result in severe and painful burns. Extreme caution should be used when working on or around the car battery, with proper eye and hand protection being worn.

In addition to harmful battery acid, sparks and shocks can injure the eyes and skin if they aren’t properly protected. To avoid serious burns and blindness, always wear protective gloves and eyewear if attempting to jump your own car. Or, better yet, contact the professionals at Collision 24.

Jumping a car with a dead battery isn’t impossible, but many drivers underestimate just how complicated or dangerous the process can be. To avoid injury or damage, it’s safest to contact one of our automotive professionals at Collision 24 to help you.

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