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Easton, MA

With its flourishing small business community and charming town center, Easton, Massachusetts is an esteemed Boston suburb with a growing population and thriving local economy. Easton is the backdrop to Stonehill College, a private Roman Catholic liberal arts college with a rigorous curriculum and a sprawling, stately campus. Aside from the college, Easton is home to Borderland State Park and its distinguished, illustrious Ames Mansion. Borderland includes 1,782 acres of land and is known for its unique hiking, biking, and picnicking spots. With its proximity to Boston and quaint community, Easton, Massachusetts has something to offer for everyone.

Towing Services Near Easton, Massachusetts at Collision 24

Between slick wintry roadways and erratic Massachusetts drivers, emergency situations can arise in a blink of an eye while driving through Easton. It can be scary while you’re on the side of the road with a car rendered un-drivable, so it is essential to have a towing company like Collision 24 in your corner.

Collision 24 is a 24-hour car towing company near Easton that you can trust. We have tow trucks available round-the-clock to help drivers after car accidents or break downs. We know how frightening it can be when your car is stranded, so Collision 24 strives to make our services as convenient, timely, and efficient as possible. The next time you need to call a towing company, you can reach us at (508) 586-2010.

There are several situations that can go awry on the roadway. Maybe you’re stuck with a flat tire, a dead battery, or an empty gas tank. No matter what went wrong, our body shop will tow you and your car to safety. We consider ourselves a team of first responders, and we are dedicated to transporting you away from emergency situations as soon as possible.

In addition to our towing services near Easton, Collision 24 offers an expansive catalogue of repairs and replacements. We would be happy to make any reparations your car needs to prevent accidents form happening again.

Collision 24 Towing Services Near Easton

Don’t be afraid to call Collision 24 the next time you need a towing company. We will arrive on the scene as soon as possible so you can get back to safety and make any repairs your car needs. Call us at (508) 586-2010 for our towing services at Collision 24.

We at Collision 24 are dedicated to fixing your car after it gets to our garage safely. If your car requires repairs, Collision 24 offers an expansive catalogue of services. Click here to view everything Collision 24 has to offer!

Directions to Collision 24 from Easton, Massachusetts

Collision 24 is conveniently located twelve minutes northeast of Easton, Massachusetts—97 Manley Street, Brockton, Massachusetts, 02301.

Start in Easton by heading south on South Street toward MA-106 W//MA-123 W. Follow MA 123 W to Depot Street. Continue straight on Depot Street. Continue on Turnpike Street Towards Brockton. Turn left onto Manley Street, and Collision 24 will be on your left.

Car Towing Easton, MA | Collision 24

Looking for a car towing company in the Easton, MA area? We tow cars 24/7 so contact us at Collision 24 today!


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