Top Three Advantages of Buying OEM Parts

Chances are, you’ll need to replace a part on your vehicle after an accident in Stoughton, Brockton or Randolph. Deciding between OEM parts and aftermarket parts can be tough, especially with so many factors to take into consideration.

Collision 24 recommends OEM parts, and we explain why in our post below. But first, we’ll go over the definition of OEM parts.

Auto PartsWhat are OEM Parts?

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer”. These parts come directly from the automaker that assembled your vehicle (or their equipment supplier) and are identical to the components you are replacing. OEM parts are brand new, last long and come with quality materials. Choosing one takes the guesswork out of replacing a piece on your car.

Aftermarket parts, comparatively, come from a third-party source and are designed to serve a similar function to the original piece. However, they could damage your vehicle if they don’t fit correctly or if they’re incompatible and might not be as reliable as some drivers would like.

Benefits of Choosing OEM Parts Over Aftermarket

Choosing original equipment manufacturer parts over aftermarket parts reaps several benefits and ensures your vehicle performs the way your automaker intended. Investing in an OEM part over an aftermarket part helps drivers in many ways and keeps your car, truck or SUV running at an optimal level.

Here are three reasons why you should always choose OEM parts when replacing something on your car.

1.      You’re Guaranteed Quality

An OEM part matches the component you’re replacing perfectly. That means it was designed, constructed and tested according to the manufacturer’s standard. Guaranteed to be compatible with factory specs and your vehicle, choosing OEM means choosing quality every time.

2.      OEM Parts Last Longer

OEM parts are designed to last long. Their quality materials, designs and construction ensure an optimal performance and will keep your vehicle performing at its best.

3.      Most OEM Parts Come With a Warranty

Many OEM parts are backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Each manufacturer warranty is different. Nevertheless, if you receive a faulty or defective part, your manufacturer will replace it quickly.

Replacing Parts at Collision 24 in Brockton

Aftermarket parts may be cheaper than OEM parts but, oftentimes, you get what you pay for. On the other hand, when you order an OEM part from your repair shop, you know exactly what you’re getting.

At Collision 24, we’ll fit your vehicle with an OEM part whenever it needs something replaced. Our team of technicians install each with care and attention to detail, so you can drive off in a car that performs like it’s new.

When you need something replaced on your car, please schedule an appointment with Collision 24. For immediate assistance, please call (508) 586-2010 to speak with a representative from Collision 24, proudly serving Brockton, Randolph, Stoughton and surrounding communities. We’re conveniently located at 97 Manley Street, Brockton, MA, 02301, and are open Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. and Saturday by appointment from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.


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