Car Towing Stoughton MA

Stoughton, Massachusetts

Stoughton, Massachusetts is a Boston suburb with its own unique character. Nicknamed the “Birthplace of American Liberty,” Stoughton was settled in 1713 as an agricultural town before blossoming into a prosperous industrial center. Today, Stoughton boasts a thriving community with a rich history, especially with its proximity to Boston, Providence, and Cape Cod. We recommend visiting the Mary Baker Eddy Historical House or the Stoughton Bookshop the next time you’re in town.

Towing Services at Collision 24 Near Stoughton

It’s frightening when you’re stranded on a cold, dark backroad in Stoughton after your car breaks down — especially if a friend or family member can’t be reached to help you. Emergency situations arise when you least expect them while driving, so it’s important to have a reliable towing company near Stoughton to assist you when they do.

If you’re ever left in a lurch in Stoughton, Brockton, or Randolph call Collision 24 at (508) 586-2010 for our round-the-clock towing services. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to transport you to safety, get your car off the road, and make any subsequent repairs your car needs. Our friendly, courteous drivers are dedicated to timely and convenient towing services near Stoughton, and will be quick to arrive on the scene as soon as you call.

We consider ourselves a team of first responders for drivers in Stoughton who need immediate assistance. Whether you were in an accident, have a flat tire, or ran out of gas, Collision 24 will be there to help.

We have a wide variety of tow trucks, depending on what your situation calls for. One of our most popular choices includes a flat-bed tow truck, which uses a hydraulic system to move the bed up and down easily. This way, we can secure your car quickly and easily so we can transport it to our shop in Brockton.

When emergencies arise on Stoughton’s roadways, Collision 24 is in your corner. Call us anytime, day or night, and we’ll be there to take you and your car to safety.

Call Collision 24 if You Need a Towing Company Near Stoughton

With our round-the-clock towing, Collision 24 is here for residents in Stoughton, Brockton, and Randolph. Whether you were in an accident or your car is broken down, Collision 24 is happy to assist you with our 24/7 towing services. You can call us at (508) 586-2010 the next time you need a towing service near Stoughton.

If your car requires maintenance afterwards, our body shop offers a wide variety of repair and replacement services. Click here to view our list of vehicle restorations and reparations.

Directions to Collision 24 in Brockton from Stoughton

Collision24 is a fifteen minute drive south of Stoughton, conveniently located at 97 Manley Street, Brockton, Massachusetts, 02301.

From Stoughton, Take Perry Street to MA-138/MA-27 S. Continue on MA-27 S. Take MA-24 S to Manley Street in Brockton. Turn right onto Manley Street, and Collision 24 will be on the right.


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