The Process of Computerized Paint Matching at Collision 24

At Collision 24 in Brockton, we do everything we can to restore your car to mint condition after an accident. Not only do we repair damage to your car’s equipment under the hood, we also make sure that your car’s exterior looks as good as new by the time it leaves our garage. If your car’s paint is scuffed, scratched, or smudged, we use a computerized paint matching system to give your vehicle a lustrous, sleek finish.

Before our computerized system, obtaining a car’s exact paint color was nearly impossible. Some cars would leave body shops with an uneven, irregular finish after an accident because the paint technicians couldn’t find a correct color match. But with our innovative technology, that will no longer be a problem. Finding the perfect paint color couldn’t be any easier with our paint matching system.

How Computerized Paint Matching Works

Computerized paint matching makes car restorations simple, convenient, and straightforward. All we have to do is find the car’s color code, the car’s model number, and the year it was produced. That information is available on your manufacturer’s website for you to take to your body shop.

We will also run your vehicle through our paint matching system to get the right paint code each and every time. Not only does the computer find the code, it also evaluates the texture so our paint technicians can give your car a smooth and even finish. At Collision 24, vehicle repairs and paint restorations are easy.

If your car is older, the information may not be available online. Nonetheless, Collision 24’s mechanics will do their best to the find the right paint color for older models.

Collision 24 understands how frustrating it can be to fix your car after an accident. You may be afraid that your car won’t look the same or work properly once it’s out of the shop and back on the streets. However, you have nothing to worry about when you are working with us.

Each of our technicians strive for accuracy, convenience, and precision so that your car works the way it’s supposed to. When we’re given a job, we make sure we do it right the first time. With our computerized paint matching system, you’ll never be able to tell that your car was even in an accident in Brockton, Stoughton, or Randolph. Your car will leave our shop looking fresh and performing at its best.

Refresh Your Car’s Paint at Collision 24

Collision 24 has a team of dedicated and passionate paint technicians who will give your car the extra sheen it needs. Our computerized paint system makes touch-ups easier than ever before, and we’d love to show you how it works. Stop by our garage, located at 96 Manley Street in Brockton, Massachusetts, 02301, anytime you need fresh paint on your car. Schedule an appointment with us online, or give us a call at (508) 586-2010. Collision 24 will take care of all your post-accident repair needs.


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