Insurance Claim Checklist

All parts of an accident are stressful, from the event itself to sorting out your insurance coverage, filing a claim, and awaiting settlement.

Collision 24 of Brockton is helping you get the insurance claim process underway with the following checklist. Make sure you have the items and pieces of information below before you get on the phone to file a claim with your insurance company or the other party’s insurance. You can even print this list and check off each section as you collect what you’ll need.

□ Your Insurance Policy Number

You’ll have to provide the insurance representative you speak to with your insurance policy number so they can quickly locate your coverage information and start the claim filing process.

□ The Who

You may share a vehicle with a spouse, have multiple cars insured under your name, or there may have been another person behind the wheel at the time. Be sure you’re clear about the car and driver involved. Keep the car’s license plate number and your social security number on hand for verification.

If there was another party involved, provide their name and insurance information. If applicable, share any contact details you have for witnesses who were at the scene at the time of the accident.

□ The Where and When

The date and location of the accident are essential factors of recounting what happened. Try to be as specific as possible by providing the address, mile marker, or intersection where the event took place.

Many insurance companies will ask you for the police report number for the accident to verify this information and further inform what happened.

□ The What

Your account of the events that occurred leading up to the crash or collision is incredibly important. Provide detailed, relevant information about what happened, including what you saw and how you reacted. Keep in mind that for a fair settlement to be reached, you need to be truthful and clear in your story. Exaggerating or lying could cause you to be denied coverage.

If you were injured in the accident and received medical attention, you may need to provide a medical release form to allow your insurance company to review your records.

Getting Items in Order and Making the Call

Filing an insurance claim is about providing the company with the most accurate information possible so justice can be served. Your statement plays a key role in the outcome of the case, so it’s important you make your call to file a claim as soon as you’re calm enough to do so post-accident. With our checklist, you’ll have everything you need!

Contact Collision 24 for Vehicle Repairs and Restoration

After your claim is carried through and fault is determined, if your vehicle needs repairs, make sure you choose a trusted collision service provider in the area that works with all major insurance companies, like Collision 24.

We provide Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton drivers with exemplary post-accident assistance and repairs, from detailing to frame reconstruction, while working with your insurance provider. Want to get in touch with us? Schedule an appointment here or call 508-586-2010 today.


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