carcollisionReports show that safety ratings and features are important factors that drivers consider when they’re shopping for a new vehicle. This is nothing new, but it’s clear that automakers are stepping up their game and offering drivers new vehicles that do some incredible things to keep passengers safe. Some are skeptical about computer-driven technology and don’t welcome self-driving cars any time soon, but many of the recent tech advancements in auto safety are already making an impact when it comes to preventing accidents.

Learn about three new safety features that could help you avoid collisions and keep you from sustaining damage to your vehicle.

1. Adaptive Cruise Control

Do you commute to work or take long road trips? If so, you’ve probably used your cruise control on more than one occasion. Cruise control is a feature that allows the vehicle to take over some of the work. Once you activate the cruise control, you can relax a little more and shift positions without losing or gaining speed.

However, traffic is constantly changing on the highway. If a car in front of you makes a sudden stop, you could find yourself involved in a bad accident due to your cruise control. As you can see, this helpful feature is also potentially dangerous.

Adaptive Cruise Control was the solution for this major dilemma. This new technology uses a radar to keep track of the cars in front of you and keep your vehicle at a safe distance. It applies pressure to the brakes without you having to move a muscle. This doesn’t mean that you should be any less attentive, but it’s a great step toward preventing accidents.

2. Collision Avoidance System

Collision avoidance systems are the premier technology for preventing traffic accidents. They’re quite futuristic and perhaps the precursor for self-driving vehicles. This technology uses many of the same sensors that Adaptive Cruise Control utilizes to prevent forward or side collisions.

A collision avoidance system senses objects ahead in the road, warns you of the impending collision and, if you don’t respond, attempts to avoid the collision for you by engaging the brake system. This system is so popular that it’s now required on all new vehicles.

3. Active Rollover Protection

Rollovers aren’t common, but they account for numerous major injuries and deaths in car accidents. Active rollover protection uses the brakes and reduces the engine torque to mitigate against a potential rollover. This technology can actually sense that a rollover may happen.

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