Brake Lights vs. Tail Lights

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When people refer to automotive lighting, some make the mistake of using the terms “brake light” and “tail light” interchangeably. These terms actually refer to different types of rear lighting, both of which are important but serve separate functions.

Knowing the difference between the two can be important when discussing repairs and damage with servicemen and insurance companies. Collision 24 of Brockton, MA, provides a simple explanation below.

Brake Lights

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Brake lights are designed to light up automatically whenever the brakes are used. This is understandably critical to safe driving conditions because it gives drivers behind you a distinguishing warning for when your speed is about to change. Driving behind someone with broken or malfunctioning brake lights is both frustrating and dangerous because the extended delay between their change in maneuvering and your comprehension of this change greatly increases the likelihood of an accident.

Several things can affect your brake light effectiveness. Dirty lenses, dim bulbs, and faulty wiring are just a few reasons other people may be unable to register your braking as quickly.

Like any other car parts, brake light parts will need to be replaced or repaired eventually. Routine inspections will give you plenty of time to foresee and address problems with your brake lights, helping you avoid accidents.

Tail Lights

Tail lights are the red lights that activate when the front headlights are turned on. Because of this, they are typically inactive during the day. They shine less brightly than brake lights because they’re only designed to be active in dim conditions, such as nighttime or heavy rain. These lights exist to indicate other drivers of your presence on the road when visibility is impaired.

Tail Light Service Brockton MASimilar problems may impact these lights as they do brake lights. Broken bulb filaments and cracked lenses are common issues requiring service. Cheap, quick, and easy to fix, there’s little reason to ignore tail light problems. Collision 24 will provide efficient service on these and brake lights, which are commonly damaged in rear end collisions.

Center High Mount Stop Lamps

Quite a few drivers wonder what the importance of the third brake light is, since two other lights already perform the same function. Located much higher and in between the left and right rear brake lights, these center lights are meant to help drivers distinguish a braking vehicle when the bottom left and right lights are obscured. Whether the bottom lights are obscured by another vehicle, seating position, or some other factor, these lights have been shown to reduce collisions and are so affordable to include that they have become an automotive standard.

Get Your Rear Vehicle Lighting Repaired near Brockton, MA

Choosing to drive a damaged vehicle after an accident increases your chances of being involved in another accident or being issued a citation by a police officer. Collision 24 provides quality service to Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton and accepts all major insurance.

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