Car Parts to Check Before Winter Brockton, MA

When winter approaches, you may invest in a new parka, a wooly sweater, or an impenetrable set of snow boots to trek through New England blizzards and ice storms.

Like your winter wardrobe, your car may need a few new pieces to improve its performance in snow and frigid cold. Here are five car parts you should inspect before winter hits Brockton, Stoughton, or Randolph.

1.     Tires

winter-tire1Worn-out tires and black ice is a recipe for disaster, especially with New England’s harsh winter weather. To prevent skidding and sliding, check your tire treads for damage and replace them when necessary. Doing so significantly decreases your chances of colliding with other motorists, improves your overall handling, and increases your fuel economy.

We also recommend investing in winter tires, which are made with an elastic rubber compound and deeper tread depths for extra traction control. Designed to dispel slush and remain flexible in frigid cold, winter tires are your best defense against sliding on snow-covered roadways.

2.     Wiper Blades

Once snowflakes start falling, so do visibility levels while driving. That’s why it’s important that your windshield wipers are prepared for the next winter storm. Any smears, streaks, or spotting from your windshield wipers indicate that their blades are worn down and should be replaced as soon as possible.

close up windshield wiperIf you need to change your windshield wipers, consider trying a pair of winter blades. These come with an added layer of rubber and are better at clearing winter elements from your windshield than regular blades. They also prevent ice from building up over time to maintain a clear, unblemished view of the road ahead.

3.     Belts

Worn-out belts beneath your hood can cause your engine to overheat, the battery to drain, or the power steering to fail. Cold weather is notorious for damaging your belts or exacerbating any existing issues they face, so be sure to inspect them before winter hits.

Frayed, cracked, or splitting accessory belts could leave you stranded on a cold backroad this season, and a tow truck would be your only way out. Luckily, belts are easy to replace before the winter weather sets in.

4.     Battery

brakesCar batteries, especially when wet or dirty, drain quickly once temperatures drop. According to AAA, car batteries lose approximately 60% of their strength at 0oF and 35% of their charge at 32oF. Be sure to keep your car battery clean, dry, and charged throughout the winter to prevent costly and inconvenient repairs from adding up. You can read more about extending the life of your battery this winter here.

5.     Brakes

No matter how cautious you are during a snowstorm, accidents can still happen. Brakes are your best defense against collisions in Stoughton, Randolph, and Brockton, which is why it’s important they are working properly this winter.

Faulty brakes are a major hazard during snow squalls or blizzards. Brakes help you regain control on icy, slick roads, so you can drive with confidence in spite of the elements.

Check Your Car Before Winter at Collision 24

Winter weather can take a toll on your car if you’re not careful. Luckily, Collision 24 in Brockton has everything you need to winterize your car this season. Schedule a servicing appointment with us today to inspect your car’s parts before winter hits.


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