Texting While Driving Collision Statistics

Collision 24 in Brockton, MA, excels at repairing rear-end collision damage. However, we’re also committed to building a safer world to drive in. One of the growing concerns of modern driving is the impact that texting has on drivers and collision risk.

Distracted driving, such as that caused by texting, increases the likelihood of a rear-end collision and other types of accidents. What follows are quite a few shocking statistics about the realities of texting and driving. Read ahead to learn more!


People tend to associate frequent texting with just teenagers. Surprisingly, it’s drivers between 16 and 24 years old who are most likely to text and drive, according to the Federal Communications Commission. Drivers in their 20s constitute 38% of drivers involved in fatal crashes who were using a cell phone at the time.

However, it seems that this isn’t just a generational problem. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reported in 2013 that 82% of adults between the ages of 25 and 39 and 72% of drivers between ages 40 and 59 have admitted to using their phones while driving.


Texting while driving is illegal in all but three states. This means that in every state other than Arizona, Montana, and Texas, you can be arrested and/or fined if you’re caught texting and driving. This means texting while driving doesn’t increase your chances of an accident but heavy fines or even jail time as well.

However, that risk is much less startling than the fact that 11 teens die every single day as a result of texting and driving, according to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Fatality Facts. It’s estimated that 25% of all vehicle crashes, fatal or otherwise, involve a cell phone.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that you’re 23 times more likely to crash if you’re texting while you’re driving. This is because a driver can safely glance away from the road for about two seconds, but the average amount of time a driver takes to read or send a text is five seconds.

These statistics convey the powerful message that distraction while driving is causing losses of property, finances, health, and, most importantly, life.


Campaigns have cropped up all over the nation and the world with the shared mission of exposing the devastating effects of texting while driving. Final messages sent by drivers before their collisions are shown to the audience as an example of just how unnecessary the loss of a driver was.

No message is worth risking your life on the road. Questions, fights, and jokes can wait. Hundreds of people die in texting accidents every year, some for nothing more than a word or phrase. Before picking up your phone while driving, remember these facts.

Involved in a Collision?

We hope this informational guide has opened your eyes to the risks of texting and driving. However, even if you don’t text and drive, you can unfortunately be involved in a rear-end collision. If you’re in need of rear-end collision repairs or any other repairs, whether it involved texting or not, we’re here to help.

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