Shopping around for vehicle repair estimates is part of the process after you’ve been involved in a car accident. But making sure you get a quality estimate and don’t unnecessarily get bogged down by slow-moving insurance companies is easier said than done. In this post from Collision 24, we’ll tell you how you can get the best estimates and avoid getting duped by a low-ball offer around the Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton areas.

1. Wait for the Best Estimates

Many insurance companies have partnered with repair shops to offer preferred provider deals. Often, these shops will repair your vehicle for less than the estimate, but you shouldn’t necessarily jump at the opportunity. This partnership between the insurance provider and the repair shop doesn’t guarantee a high-quality inspection or repair job.

ALWAYS get the vehicle inspected by an independent party. If the estimates you received are significantly higher than that from the insurance provider, then you know the insurance company’s estimate isn’t good. You should always choose where your car gets repaired, not the insurance company. 

2. If You Can, Proceed Without the Insurance Company

You need your vehicle to get around, so don’t let an insurance company prevent you from getting the repairs you need as soon as possible. Most reputable insurance companies will complete their inspection within seven days of the reported accident. Any longer than that, and you should start pushing ahead on your own. Try to get at least two written estimates, and then have the car repaired. Once the repairs are done, have the insurance company repay your expenses.

But, be cautious. Choosing to have your car fixed at the highest estimate could mean the insurance company will only pay the amount of the lower estimate. Also, since you’ll have your car back sooner, the insurance company won’t have to shell out for a rental, which is one less incentive to pay you faster.

3. Quality Estimates Take Time

Getting estimates for repairing vehicle damage can take a decent amount of legwork on your part. It’s important to only get estimates from shops you’d consider having complete the work. Choose quality shops with a good track record and customer reviews. Also, make sure the estimate given is enough to fix your car to the highest standards.

Getting your estimate and your repairs from the easiest provider doesn’t mean you’ll get the best estimate or the best repairs.

Looking for More Estimate Information?

These steps on how to get the best estimates after a car accident are a great start, but they’re not your only options. For more information about vehicle repair estimates near Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton, please contact us at Collision 24.