We all need to have a vehicle appraised at some point. To ensure that your appraisal is accurate, you want to be as informed about the topic as possible. Check out these car appraiser FAQs for answers to some of your most relevant questions regarding having your car appraised.

What’s a Certified Appraisal?

A certified vehicle appraisal is a document issued by a certified automobile appraiser that includes your vehicle’s value based on certain factors. The appraisal must detail how the appraiser reached the estimated value for your car. This involves a complete description of your car with its make, model, year, vehicle identification number (VIN), mileage, history, condition report, equipment, and photographs.

What Is a Car Appraisal?

Why Would I Have My Car Appraised?

Having your vehicle appraised is a good idea for several reasons. An appraisal can help if you’re trying to settle a negotiation with your insurance company. If you’re trying to sell or trade in your car, an appraisal provides the most accurate and current actual cash value to ensure that you receive appropriate payment for it. When you’re purchasing a vehicle, having it appraised provides you with the information you need about your potential new car and ensures that you’re paying a fair price for it.

How Do Insurance Companies Determine Car Appraisals?

How Often Should I Get My Car Appraised?

In general, insurance companies recommend having your car appraised every two years or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. Specific situations may warrant an appraisal at a certain time, though. For example, if you’re filing for bankruptcy for divorce, appraising your vehicles can help with monetary negotiations.

Who’s Qualified to Appraise My Car?

Certified vehicle appraisers are most qualified to appraise your vehicle, and their value is the least likely to be challenged by an insurance company. A variety of experts can assign value to a vehicle, including mechanics, insurance adjusters, or even a show judge. However, anyone associated with selling, buying, transporting, restoring, or repairing vehicles is subject to their value being challenged because they could be biased.

What Should I Look for in an Appraiser?

When searching for a reliable appraiser, you want to find someone who’s certified and who has training and experience. You want to look for someone who demonstrates and has a history of ethical and moral guidelines, truthfulness, and accuracy. Because of the details involved in appraising a vehicle and the importance of accurate documentation, you also want to find an appraiser who is extremely thorough.

Guide to Auto Insurance Appraisals

Can I Get My Car Appraised Even if It Was Stolen?

Yes, even if your car is physically unavailable to be appraised, an appraiser can still formulate a written document detailing its worth. This is a perfect example of why keeping detailed records of your vehicle’s repairs and modifications is in your best interest.

What to Expect from Car Appraisals After an Accident

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