Top Three Car Insurance Questions You Should Know the Answers To

Finding the right car insurance is an incredibly important part of protecting yourself, your investment, and others. Knowing what to look for in a reputable insurance provider can feel like you’re back at square one of your car research.

To help our local auto insurance shoppers in Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton purchase great coverage at an affordable price point, Collision 24 put together the following car insurance research guide.

Not sure where to start with your auto insurance search? Answer these three questions first.

1. What Coverage and Options Do I Need?

The first car insurance question you should know the answer to is what level of coverage you need. Knowing this requires knowing what each type involves. Here are the top five most common types of coverage.

  • Liability: In almost every state, Liability Coverage is mandatory. It covers bodily injury and property damage for the other party, should you be at fault (liable).
  • Collision: Helps pay for the cost to repair your car should you get into an accident with another car or another’s property, like a mail box or telephone pole.
  • Comprehensive: Involves all coverage for damage that occurs outside of an accident, including theft, hurricanes, hail, etc. See the complete difference between collision and comprehensive coverage and how to choose here.
  • Personal Injury Protection and Medical: These last two coverage types are separate, but serve a similar purpose. Medical Coverage pays for medical assistance should you or anyone in your car get hurt due to an accident, while Personal Injury Protection includes a broader medical coverage array, like rehabilitation costs.

2. Is the Company I’m Considering a Reputable One?

While you pay for insurance, it’s up to your insurance company to pull their weight should you be involved in an accident. With something as big as your safety and financial security on the line, you want to make sure the providers you’re considering are trustworthy, certified, and financially strong.

You can get a big piece of the answer to this on your state’s Department of Insurance website (here’s the Division of Insurance for Massachusetts). It’s also useful to review consumer complaint ratios of fellow insurance holders on this site.

Another place you can go to get in-depth information about the offerings and customer service quality of an insurance provider is J.D. Power Consumer Center. J.D. Power’s annual auto insurance survey is a great resource for checking out prices, different coverage combinations, customer satisfaction ratings, and more.

3. Can I Work with an Agent or Broker?

To a brand-new car owner and insurance holder, the world of auto insurance can be overwhelming. If you found a company or several that check out, see if you can either work with an agent (who represents multiple companies) or a broker (who works for one company) to write your policy for you.

Agents are committed to your satisfaction and helping you attain the best coverage and price for your needs, so this is a great option if you still feel like you’re not fully comprehending things.

Get Insured and Get Familiar with Local Accident Assistance Providers

Overall, the most important part of shopping for auto insurance is being inquisitive! These may be the top three car insurance questions, but you shouldn’t hold back if you need guidance or don’t understand something. The right company will be happy to answer all your questions.

Now that you’re closer to finding an auto insurance plan that brings you peace of mind without compromising your budget, it’s time to read up on the area’s accident repair and body shops. Having these resources already in mind can save you time and frustration, should you ever find yourself in an accident.

For drivers in Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton, the best accident repair and body shop is Collision 24 in Brockton. We’re a direct repair shop that works with all major insurance providers. To find out more, visit our collision services page or call 508-586-2010.


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