Collision Service near Mansfield, Massachusetts

There are many reasons to visit Mansfield, Massachusetts. You may be headed to the Mansfield Municipal Airport, checking out the hiking trails and scenic views at Great Woods Conservation Area, or going to the Xfinity Center to see one of your favorite bands play.

Mansfield’s many attractions also make it a busy place to be on the road. If you’re traveling in Mansfield and end up in an accident, having a trusted, local collision service provider in mind is key.

How Collision 24 Can Help

Getting into an accident anywhere is stressful and scary. Luckily, if you were just in a crash or collision in Mansfield, there’s a full-service collision center nearby that can help get you and your car safely home from the scene and restore your vehicle back to looking even better than it did pre-accident. That’s Collision 24.

5 Questions to Ask Your Body Shop TechnicianCollision 24 is a collision repair facility based in Brockton, Massachusetts, that helps local drivers in the aftermath of accidents big and small every day. Our highly trained and certified team of licensed vehicle appraisers, expert collision repair technicians, and professional service advisors offer comprehensive, expedited care for your vehicle so you can safely get back on the road and back to your daily routine in Mansfield sooner. We also provide:

Towing when you need it most: We offer a 24-hour towing service. When you need it most, you always have a ride you can count on.

Partnership with all major insurance companies: Collision 24’s collision professionals are well-versed in the auto insurance realm and know the ins and outs of working with appraisals, claims, and coverage. Relax; we’ll take it from here.

Wheels when you don’t have them: We know how hard it is to go about your day without a car to get to your responsibilities and commitments. That’s why we offer quality rental vehicles on-site for you to drive over the duration of your car’s time in the shop.

Topnotch collision specialists on the job: Thanks to our technicians’ extensive experience and the industry-leading equipment in our facility, including computerized paint matching and computerized frame repair, it’s never long before you have your ride back!

Contact Us for Collision Service in Mansfield

Thank you for your interest in Collision 24. We’re ready to help get your vehicle fixed and back to running like new.

If you’ve been in an accident and require immediate assistance for your vehicle, call us at 508-586-2010. During non-business hours, the number will transfer to our 24/7 towing line. You can also schedule an appointment with us online.

Directions to Our Service Facility

Collision 24’s location in Brockton is about a 20-minute drive east of Mansfield. To get here, you’ll start by turning left onto North Main Street from Crocker Street. Make a quick right onto Pratt Street and continue for 0.2 of a mile.

Next, turn left onto MA-106 East/Pratt Street and continue to follow MA-106 East for five miles. Use the left two lanes to turn left onto MA-123 East and then continue straight to Depot Street and Turnpike Street to Brockton (4.6 miles).

Turn left onto Manley Street, and Collision 24 will be located on the left after 0.4 of a mile.

Most Common Transmission Problems

The transmission of your car is an incredibly important and complex component. Basically, it controls the application of power from your vehicle’s engine to its driveshaft, which means that it suffers more wear and tear than pretty much any other part of the car as a result of the heat and friction that’s produced by all of its interacting and moving parts. Repairs and replacements concerning the car’s transmission are usually quite expensive, which means that you’ll want to identify any potential issues before they become serious problems. Pay attention for the following warning signs that something’s wrong with your car’s transmission:

Automatic transmission fluid leak – The car’s automatic transmission fluid serves multiple functions, from lubricating, cleaning and conditioning the seals to acting as a hydraulic fluid. If your car is leaking automatic transmission fluid, it means that the levels aren’t where they should be, which can result in your transmission failing completely. The fluid is bright red and clear. Check your levels by lifting up your hood and reading your car’s dipstick.

Inability to shift gears – If your car won’t shift after you engage the clutch and try to move the stick, then you’ll want to check your automatic transmission fluid levels. There are some other issues that could be resulting in this problem as well, such as the need to adjust your shift cables or clutch linkage.

The gears are slipping randomly – Your transmission should stay in its designated gear unless a shift is performed by you or by the car’s computer. If the transmission is changing gears on its own, or sliding into neutral randomly, then you obviously have a serious problem, since this is a huge safety concern. There’s a good chance that if your gears are slipping that the link that holds the car’s gears are either broken or worn down.

There is delay when shifting gears – When you shift your car from park to drive, it should respond immediately. Even with automatic transmissions, the shift should be a smooth one. If you’re shifting into gear on a manual vehicle and its RPMS surges but the car isn’t moving nearly as fast it sounds like it should be, then you probably need to replace a clutch, although there could be more serious issues, which means you need to take it in for inspection as soon as possible.

The transmission is making strange noises – If you hear any sounds that aren’t normal, it could be your transmission acting up. The sounds the transmission makes when something is wrong with it will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. If you hear clunking sounds while shifting gears in a manual car, it’s most likely a transmission issue. Any whining, humming or clunking sounds that you hear should be inspected by a professional as soon as you get a chance. These sounds may not be a big deal, but if left unchecked for too long could develop into more serious problems.

The transmission is producing a burning smell – If there’s a burnt smell coming from your car (and it’s not on fire), then there’s a good chance it’s due to overheating transmission fluid. If your transmission fluid is breaking down, it can result in the car getting too hot and the transmission failing. The heat is often caused by low fluid levels or the use of the wrong type or brand of transmission fluid.

If your car exhibits any of these signs, take it in for inspection to Collision 24 located at 97 Manley St. in Brockton, MA. If you have any further questions about Collision 24 check out our F.A.Q. page or for immediate questions please check out our contact page..