Car Towing Braintree MA

Car Towing Braintree, MA

There are a variety of reasons you could need car towing near Braintree, Massachusetts. Maybe, you’ve encountered a flat tire out on the roadways and don’t have a spare tire, maybe, your battery has died in your driveway. No matter what the case may be, you will find that we will be more than happy to help you here at Collision 24.

Please read on to learn more about our available towing services and see how we can help you nurse your vehicle back to health!

Why Are You Searching for Towing?

Car RepairAs mentioned above, there are a number of reasons why you could be seeking out towing. You could have encountered an issue with your daily driver, needing a tow to the local shop. Or, maybe, you just have a vehicle that no longer runs that you are looking to sell.

The good news? For whatever reason you’re in need of a tow, we’ll be more than happy to help.




How to Set Up Towing Service

Calling a Tow TruckWhen you find yourself in need of towing service, we make it extremely easy to get penciled in for pickup—no matter the time of day. All you’ll have to do is contact our team and let us know that you need a tow. From there, we’ll need your location and the type of vehicle you’re driving, and then we’ll be well on our way.

We’ve got a number of topflight tow trucks in our fleet, so you can count on timely service—whether you’re caught in some of Massachusetts’ extreme weather or just have a tight schedule to keep.



How We Can Help You After a Tow

Collision RepairOnce we have picked up your vehicle, and tow it to our shop, you’ll find that we are equipped to provide your vehicle with service and repairs of all kinds.

As stated above, maybe you’ve just encountered something minor, like a dead battery. For something like this, there is a simple solution—replacing your battery. We’ll be able to handle more common services like these efficiently and effectively.

If you’ve encountered something that requires more detailed work, like a fender bender that calls for body repair, you will find we are similarly well positioned to assist.


Our Experienced Service Team

Collision 24 ServiceWith your vehicle in the shop, you can count on a high-quality service experience. Each of our technicians comes with vast training and experience, well-versed with all of the services and repairs your vehicle could need.

Our team will also have access to the latest and great automotive repair equipment, as well as a genuine component catalog. So they will have everything they need to complete efficient and effective service.



Learn More About Car Towing near Braintree, MA, and Other Services We Offer

Here at Collision 24, our number one goal is to help our local drivers. So, whether you find yourself in need of car towing near Braintree, MA, or have another service request, you will find that we are more than happy to help.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you!



Car Towing Whitman MA

broken_down_frumpy_driverWhitman, MA

Whitman, Massachusetts is a pretty sweet place to live as well as the birthplace of the chocolate chip cookie. Between its quaint architecture, abundant greenery and the quality Whitman-Hanson Regional School District, Whitman is a great town to settle down and raise a family in Plymouth County. The McGuiggan’s Pub is a popular eatery in Whitman, boasting a wide menu selection, a lively atmosphere and a friendly staff. Uncle David’s Burgers is another popular family restaurant in Whitman, with several delectable sandwiches, burgers and pizzas to choose from.

Car Towing Services at Collision 24

No matter how careful you are while driving, car accidents, overheated engines or dead batteries can leave you stranded on the side of the road. Emergencies strike in the blink of an eye and may leave your car inoperable, but Collision 24 is available round-the-clock when you need a car towing services in Whitman.

Whether you ran out of gas, drained your battery or ran a flat tire, Collision 24 will be there whenever and wherever you need a tow truck. We know it’s scary when you’ve been left high and dry on a dark backroad, highway or side street around Whitman, so we dispatch one of our courteous, considerate drivers as soon as you call.

Collision 24’s services are helpful, timely and convenient. We have several kinds of tow trucks in our inventory depending on what your situation entails, and will arrive on the scene as soon as we can. We’re prepared for almost any situation that may arise in Whitman, so don’t hesitate to call our body shop when you need assistance.

Repair Services at Collision 24

Man Car Trouble SittingAfter we’ve arrived on the scene, we’ll transport you and your car to our location in Brockton, which offers a full catalogue of vehicle maintenance and repair services. Your car will probably need a few repairs or part replacements when we get back, and our certified automotive technicians can get your car back up and running again. We even have licensed appraisers, collision specialists and rental cars on site for your convenience and peace of mind.

Contact Collision 24 in Brockton for Assistance

Anytime you need a tow truck around Whitman, call Collision 24 for assistance. We offer towing services 24 hours a day seven days a week, and will dispatch a truck immediately after you’ve called.

You can reach Collision 24 at (508) 586-2010.

Directions to Collision 24

Collision 24 is conveniently located at 97 Manley Street, Brockton, MA, 02301, which is a 22 minute drive from Whitman, MA.

From Whitman, head north on Central Street towards MA-27 North for 43 feet. Turn left onto MA-27 North. Continue on MA-27 North for 3.8 miles. Turn left onto Lyman Street. Continue onto Grove Street for 0.7 miles. Turn left onto Montello Street, and follow for 0.4 miles. Turn right onto East Chestnut Street. Follow East Chestnut Street for 2.5 miles. Turn right onto Manley Street, and Collision 24 will appear on the left in 0.4 miles.

5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Driving in Snow

The thick of winter is officially here, but that doesn’t mean your daily activities freeze to a temporary halt. You’re just as busy as you are in other seasons, except the winter means you’ll have to drive in the snow.

There’s no doubt that commuting in snow can be dangerous, especially when drivers go about doing things the wrong way. Otherwise, you can get to your destinations safely and without incident or the need for roadside assistance in Brockton from Collision 24.

But many motorists find themselves victim to the winter roads every year. But their situations were often the result of poor winter driving knowledge, a lack of skill, or blatant disregard for the conditions. To help you avoid being stranded, here are five common driving mistakes you should avoid while driving in snow.

1. Not Decreasing Speeds

winter-tire1While many drivers do drive slower in snow, there’s no shortage of those who believe they can handle their vehicles the same, snow or no snow. It’s important to realize that the snowy conditions make the traction between the road and your vehicle significantly less. In many cases, it’s practically nonexistent. Be sure to go slow.

2. Not Checking the Weather

This may seem like a waste of time. After all, you can clearly see that it’s snowing. However, conditions that you can see might be better than what’s along the route of your daily commute. Check the weather and conditions with your local news channel and larger networks before heading out. You might have to change your route if conditions are poor.

3. Being Distracted

The snow is beautiful, and it covers nature in ways that are often amazing or humorous. As crazy as the snowfall can be, it’s important that you remain focused on the road when you’re driving in these dangerous conditions.

4. Not Clearing the Snow

Snowy_vehiclesAs long as you can see out of a hole in the snow on your windshield, you’re fine, right? Wrong—you must clear the snow off your car completely so your lights, windows, and other components are in working order as you drive.

5. When in Doubt, Don’t Go Out

You may not be comfortable with your ability to drive in the snow or put your trust in others so they can do the job for you. That’s perfectly okay and might just save your life.

When you’re in doubt about driving conditions, don’t get behind the wheel of your vehicle with the plans to leave until the snow has reached a level that you’re comfortable with.

Roadside Assistance in Brockton

If you do find yourself stranded in the snowy conditions that winter brings, Collision 24 is happy to help with roadside assistance. If you would like more information, visit our services page or contact a representative today.

Car Towing Bridgewater MA

Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Founded in 1656, Bridgewater’s stately architecture and provincial neighborhoods boast a historic character and charm. The prestigious Bridgewater State University brings thousands of visitors to this town every year, especially with its renowned liberal arts program, picturesque campus and fun college hangouts.

Bridgewater, Massachusetts offers several delicious restaurants and unique historical attractions located just 25 miles south of Boston, including Bogarts Pub and Pizza, the Boston Tavern, and Barrett’s Ale House.

Collision 24’s Towing Services

accident_4When emergency situations leave you stranded on the side of the road in Bridgewater, friends and family may not be fully prepared to help you. That’s why it’s important to have a towing company like Collision 24 in your corner. Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle, run out of gas, drained your battery or been in an accident, Collision 24 has a fleet of tow trucks available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to transport your car to safety around Brockton, Randolph, Stoughton or Bridgewater.

We’ll dispatch a driver as soon as you call. That way, you can make any repairs, replacements, or restorations your car needs, and get back on the road as soon as possible. We’re prepared for almost any situation motorists find themselves in, and will do everything we can to provide prompt, convenient and courteous services. Just let us know where you are and what your car’s condition entails, and one of Collision 24’s tow trucks will arrive shortly.

After assessing your situation, our body shop will send the right type of truck, transport your car back to our facility in Brockton and help you take the next step if your car needs repairs of any kind. No problem is too small or too big for us to handle. Whether its day or night, rain or shine, a tow truck will be there for you as soon as you call Collision 24.

Call Collision 24 for Emergency Towing

frequently asked towing questionsEmergencies can happen in the blink of an eye while driving around Bridgewater, Stoughton or Randolph. Luckily, Collision 24 in Brockton is in your corner 24/7 whenever you need to tow your car back to safety.

Anytime you need a tow truck, call Collision 24 at (508) 586-2010 and one of our drivers will arrive on the scene shortly.

Driving Directions to Collision 24

Collision 24 is conveniently located at 97 Manley Street in Brockton, MA, 02301, which is just a fifteen minute drive north from Bridgewater.

From Bridgewater, drive towards Broad Street, and then make a left on Broad Street. Turn right onto MA-28 North/Main Street, and follow MA-28 North for 2.7 miles. Make a slight left onto MA-106 West, and follow for 1.8 miles. Make a slight right to merge onto MA-24 North toward Boston, and follow for 3.2 miles. Take exit 17A to merge onto MA-123 East/Belmont Street towards Brockton. Make a right onto Manley Street, and Collision 24 will be located on your right hand side. You can also schedule your service online today!

Tips for Driving Safely on Black Ice and in Winter Conditions

It’s the time of year when you need to look out for weather-related road hazards. Winter provides a unique set of challenges for drivers, which is why it’s important to be extra careful when driving in winter weather conditions to avoid accidents.

Here are some tips for when you’re stuck driving in winter conditions such as snow and black ice.

What Is Black Ice?

winter-tire2Black ice occurs when the road surface is colder than 32°F and there’s rain or other precipitation. As the rain lands on the cold surface, it immediately freezes. This ice is difficult to see as it blends in with the pavement, hence the term black ice.

Remain Calm

If you hit a patch of black ice, you need to remain calm. While it’s scary if the car starts to slide or spin, overreacting can actually cause the situation to get worse. Having a cool head can be the difference between pulling out of a slide and having a sudden stop at the hands of a guard rail.

Don’t Hit the Brakes

This is true of most winter weather driving conditions, particularly black ice. Hitting the brakes can induce a slide or make a small slide worse. When you begin to feel your car sliding, keep your foot away from the brake and concentrate on steering.

Slow Down with the Accelerator and Concentrate on Steering

driving-snowYou need to keep the steering wheel steady. Try to stay with the slide instead of fighting against it. Sudden movements in steering when the car is starting to slide can actually induce a spin.

As you focus on steering, take your foot off the accelerator if you haven’t done so already. While there’s really no good way to slow down, you shouldn’t speed up through a slide either. Having your foot off the accelerator will ensure that as soon as you get off the ice, your car will begin a controlled deceleration that slows it down.

Aim for the Fluffy Snow

While your car isn’t going to get any traction in the ice, you may get some help from the snow. Look for billowy white snow; the stuff that’s packed down isn’t as good. Fresh snow can help you control your slide by giving your tires more traction and eventually helping you come to a stop.

Give Traffic Plenty of Room

If there are other cars around you who hit black ice, give them plenty of room. Even the best drivers can quickly lose control. If you aren’t around them when they do, then they can’t hit your car.

Contact Collision 24 for Roadside Assistance in Brockton

If you find yourself in need of a tow due to a winter weather mishap, contact Collision 24

Car Towing Taunton MA

Taunton, Massachusetts

Man Car TroubleLocated just 40 miles south of Boston, Taunton is abundant with colonial architecture, museums and art galleries that commemorate its rich past. The Old Colony History Museum sits astride Taunton’s picturesque Church Green, and is home to one of New England’s oldest historical societies — the Old Colony Historical Society. Along with the Old Colonial History Museum, Taunton residents enjoy visiting the town’s four art galleries—Taunton Art Association, the Hughes/Donahue Gallery, Art Euphoric and the Trescott Street Gallery. Taunton is also home to the Bay State College, an institution boasting 1,011 students and a vibrant urban campus.

Car Towing at Collision 24

It’s scary when you’re stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire or dead battery, or maybe even after a car accident, especially if your friends and family aren’t around to help. If you ever find yourself in that situation, Collision 24 offers 24-hour emergency towing services in communities around Randolph, Brockton and Stoughton to transport you back to safety.

Wherever and whenever you need a tow truck, Collision 24’s round-the-clock services are prompt and convenient. Whether you’ve been in an accident, ran out of gas or locked yourself out of your car, our drivers will arrive on the scene as soon as they can. Our drivers are courteous and helpful, and prepared for almost any situation on the road. We’ll figure out what’s best for your car, so you can get back to driving in no time.

Repair Services at Collision 24

Crashed CarSome drivers need a tow truck for minor problems like running out of gas or accidentally locking themselves out. Other times, motorists have bigger problems to deal with like dead batteries, overheated engines, or body damage after an accident. That’s why Collision 24 also offers a full range of repair services at our Brockton location.

Once we get your car back to Collision 24, we’ll make any repairs or replacements you need. We even provide rental cars, depending on how long your vehicle will be in our shop, so you can go about your routine uninterrupted. At our body shop, we strive to make our services as convenient as possible so you can have some peace of mind after emergency situations.

Call Collision 24

Anytime you need a tow truck in Taunton, Randolph or Stoughton, call Collision 24 in Brockton at (508) 586-2010.

Driving Directions to Collision 24 from Taunton

Collision 24 is conveniently located at 97 Manley Street, Brockton, MA, 02301, which is about 26 minutes away from Taunton.

From Taunton, head southeast on Allans Avenue towards Spring Street. Turn left onto Spring Street. Continue onto Church Green. Church Green turns slightly right and becomes Dean Street. Continue onto US-33 East/Cape Road. Use the right lane to merge onto MA-24 North VIA the ramp to Boston.

Merge onto MA-24 North. Take exit 17A to merge onto MA-123 East/Belmont Street towards Brockton. Merge onto MA-123 East/ Belmont Street. Turn right onto Manley Street, and Collision 24 will be on the right.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do After a Car Accident

Even if it isn’t your fault, you may find yourself involved in an accident. Adrenaline may be high afterward, and the temptation to panic may kick in if there are injuries. Even if the accident isn’t serious, you need to stay calm and avoid the following:

Getting Angry

Man Car TroubleIf the accident isn’t your fault, you’re probably angry. But you need to remain calm and focus on getting help as quickly as possible. Losing your cool will only make the situation worse, so save your anger for later.

Leaving the Scene

If you’re in an accident, you need to stop your car, get out, and assess the situation. You should never leave the scene of an accident, even if your car isn’t damaged. Leaving can actually be seen as a sign of fault and may be illegal depending on the local traffic laws. Wait until emergency assistance arrives and the accident is properly documented.

Forget to Call Emergency Assistance

Woman_CarTrouble_StrandedIf the accident isn’t serious and nobody is hurt, you may be tempted to just move on without calling the police. The problem is, without a police report, there’s no way to establish who’s at fault for the accident. This could have detrimental effects on your driving record and insurance premiums.

Take the time to call your local emergency number (or 911) if your car doesn’t already have accident detection and automatic collision notification. The police will come and file a report that can be used when settling insurance claims or handling any other legalities from the accident.

Admit That You’re at Fault

Even if you feel you were at fault, avoid taking blame with the police, at the scene, or with the other people involved in the accident. Admission of guilt can be noted and used against you in insurance claims, lawsuits, and other types of legal action.

Be truthful when you’re asked about what happened, but try to avoid using phrases like “It was all my fault” or “I should have avoided that.” Doing so can come back to haunt you down the road and make a bad situation worse.

Forget to Document the Accident

The more information you have about what happened, the better off you are should you end up in court or an insurance dispute. Little details can make all the difference.

Draw diagrams of the location and where the cars are. Use your cell phone to take as many pictures as you can of both your car and any other cars involved in the accident. Write down the time of day, weather conditions, and the date. All of these details can be helpful later.

Contact Collision 24 for Roadside Assistance in Brockton

If you need help after an accident, contact Collision 24 for help.

Best Practices for Safe Winter Driving

Driving on slippery, snow-covered roads is unavoidable at times, especially in New England towns like Brockton, Randolph, or Stoughton. When snow starts sticking to the road, these driving tips from Collision 24 can help you maintain control.


General Tips for Winter Driving

  • Keep your fuel tank at least half full so your gas line doesn’t freeze.
  • Don’t use cruise control on wet or icy roadways.
  • Make sure that your tires are inflated properly.
  • Don’t drive when you’re tired. Your risk of getting in an accident increases when you’re fatigued, especially in adverse road conditions.
  • Don’t warm up your car in the garage. This causes dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide to collect in your cabin.

Getting a Grip on Snow, Sleet, and Slush

  • Drive slowly during winter storms. While accelerating, turning, and stopping, give yourself extra time to maneuver on snow-covered roads.
  • Increase your following distance. On dry pavement, the normal following distance is three to four seconds. Once streets get slippery, this should go up to about eight to 10 seconds. That way, you have more time to stop when roads are slick.
  • winter-tire1Don’t stop while going up a hill. You may not have enough inertia to get back up again. Conversely, avoid powering up hills so your wheels don’t start spinning.
  • Use threshold breaking to keep your car under control. To do this, keep the heel of your foot on the floor, and use the ball of your foot to apply steady pressure when you have to stop.
  • Decelerate and accelerate slowly.
  • Avoid stopping if you can. Slow down just enough that you can keep rolling until a traffic light changes.
  • Don’t drive unless you absolutely have to.

Driving Long Distances in Winter Weather

  • Look up the weather forecast before embarking on a long-distance drive. If bad weather is expected, delay your trip to avoid dangerous driving situations. If you have to leave, let other people know which way you’re going, where your destination is, and what time you expect you’ll get there.
  • Pack a winter emergency kit with a cell phone, blankets, hats, gloves, food, water, and any medication you need.
  • Stay in your car if you get snowed in. It makes it easier for rescuers to find you and provides temporary shelter from extreme cold.
  • If possible, only run the heater and engine long enough to remove the chill. This conserves gasoline.
  • Use any materials you have, including floor mats or blankets, to keep warm if you’re stranded.
  • Make sure that the exhaust pipe is clear to prevent carbon monoxide from leaking into your cabin.
  • If you get stuck, tie a brightly colored cloth on your antenna or at the top of your window to show that you need help.
  • If you’re stranded at night, keep your dome light on so rescuers can find you.

Get Your Winter Car Gear at Collision 24

Winter driving is dicey at best in New England. Before the next blizzard hits Stoughton, Brockton, or Randolph, stock up on winter gear for your car at Collision 24. Contact us today or

Car Towing Randolph MA

Randolph, MA, is a comfortable Boston suburb with a close-knit community, dozens of restaurant options, and a quaint downtown area. Its proximity to Boston makes it a great place to settle down, especially with its quality school district and idyllic neighborhood setting.

Collision 24: Round-the-Clock Towing You Can Count On

shutterstock_275191160You can never be too careful while driving, especially with the crazy traffic patterns in Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton. However, some emergencies are inevitable and could leave you stranded on the side of the road. That’s where Collision 24’s towing services come in. If you need car towing services in Randolph, contact us today!

At Collision 24, we’re there for you when you need it most. Our towing services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter where you are in Randolph, Stoughton, or Brockton. Whether you have a dead battery, a flat tire, or a seized engine, Collision 24 can get you and your car back to safety.

As soon as you call us at 508-586-2010, we’ll dispatch a tow truck to pick you up. We’re always here to help, especially if it’s cold, dark, or you’re alone. When you call our body shop, your safety becomes our number one priority. It’s our mission to respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently so you can get back on the road in no time.

Car Repairs at Collision 24

broken_down_frumpy_driverDepending on your situation, your car may need repairs once it gets to our garage. Luckily, Collision 24 has a highly trained staff of mechanics with years of experience. We can make any post-accident repairs or part replacements you need so your car runs like new.

If your car is going to be in the shop for a while, we offer a full line of rental vehicles for you to consider. That way, you can go about your daily routine while your car gets the repairs it needs.

Wind, Rain, or Snow, Collision 24 Can Tow

Anything can happen on the road, which is why it’s important to have a towing company you trust in your corner. If your car ever breaks down in Randolph, Stoughton, or Brockton, Collision 24 is available 24/7 to get you back to safety.

Call 508-586-2010 the next time you need a tow truck from Collision 24.

Driving Directions to Collision 24 from Randolph, MA

Collision 24 is conveniently located at 97 Manley Street in Brockton, MA, roughly 15 minutes south of Randolph.

From Randolph, head north toward Turner Lane. Turn left onto Memorial Parkway, turn right onto Highland Avenue, then turn left onto Warren Street.

Continue onto MA 139 West/Mazzeo Drive and follow MA 139 West for 1 mile. Use the right lane to merge onto MA 24 South via the ramp to Fall River.

Merge onto MA 24 South and follow for 6.7 miles. Take exit 17A to merge onto MA 123 East/Belmont Street toward Brockton.

Merge onto MA 123 East/Belmont Street then turn right onto Manley Street. Collision 24 will be on your right.

Car Towing Easton MA

Easton, MA

With its flourishing small business community and charming town center, Easton, Massachusetts is an esteemed Boston suburb with a growing population and thriving local economy. Easton is the backdrop to Stonehill College, a private Roman Catholic liberal arts college with a rigorous curriculum and a sprawling, stately campus. Aside from the college, Easton is home to Borderland State Park and its distinguished, illustrious Ames Mansion. Borderland includes 1,782 acres of land and is known for its unique hiking, biking, and picnicking spots. With its proximity to Boston and quaint community, Easton, Massachusetts has something to offer for everyone.

Towing Services Near Easton, Massachusetts at Collision 24

Between slick wintry roadways and erratic Massachusetts drivers, emergency situations can arise in a blink of an eye while driving through Easton. It can be scary while you’re on the side of the road with a car rendered un-drivable, so it is essential to have a towing company like Collision 24 in your corner.

Collision 24 is a 24-hour car towing company near Easton that you can trust. We have tow trucks available round-the-clock to help drivers after car accidents or break downs. We know how frightening it can be when your car is stranded, so Collision 24 strives to make our services as convenient, timely, and efficient as possible. The next time you need to call a towing company, you can reach us at (508) 586-2010.

There are several situations that can go awry on the roadway. Maybe you’re stuck with a flat tire, a dead battery, or an empty gas tank. No matter what went wrong, our body shop will tow you and your car to safety. We consider ourselves a team of first responders, and we are dedicated to transporting you away from emergency situations as soon as possible.

In addition to our towing services near Easton, Collision 24 offers an expansive catalogue of repairs and replacements. We would be happy to make any reparations your car needs to prevent accidents form happening again.

Collision 24 Towing Services Near Easton

Don’t be afraid to call Collision 24 the next time you need a towing company. We will arrive on the scene as soon as possible so you can get back to safety and make any repairs your car needs. Call us at (508) 586-2010 for our towing services at Collision 24.

We at Collision 24 are dedicated to fixing your car after it gets to our garage safely. If your car requires repairs, Collision 24 offers an expansive catalogue of services. Click here to view everything Collision 24 has to offer!

Directions to Collision 24 from Easton, Massachusetts

Collision 24 is conveniently located twelve minutes northeast of Easton, Massachusetts—97 Manley Street, Brockton, Massachusetts, 02301.

Start in Easton by heading south on South Street toward MA-106 W//MA-123 W. Follow MA 123 W to Depot Street. Continue straight on Depot Street. Continue on Turnpike Street Towards Brockton. Turn left onto Manley Street, and Collision 24 will be on your left.

Car Towing Easton, MA | Collision 24

Looking for a car towing company in the Easton, MA area? We tow cars 24/7 so contact us at Collision 24 today!